The Happy Birthday Girl!

On September 25, 2006 by Aimee

This was an on-site studio shoot. Yep! That means, I pack up my entire studio … lights, camera, action, I mean backdrops, stands, reflector, the works! It’s all then setup in someone’s house or other location for use. It’s a haul and my equipment is NOT light, but when I meet a cutie like this and get to photograph her celebrating her 1st birthday… it’s ALL worth it!

What a smile!


Outdoor moments…

Now this series was some of my favorites. As always, for a 1st birthday, cake and/or balloons are a featured element. What better than to watch and capture what a child will do with pure sugar! 😉 No matter the flavor; no matter the color; no matter the size, cake always has the same effect…. fun!




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