Is equality really necessary?

Oh, yeah, I’m sure my question is going to stir up trouble,...

23rd Jan

Words to cringe by: “Mom, I made the guinea pig fly!”

Real guinea pigs don’t slide down slides nor do they parachute …...

31st Jul

Just what is the secret to getting free stuff??

Ever since I had my twins … identical twin girls, by the...

25th Jun

Happy Birthday to my lovely 8-going-on18 daughters!

The following is the email I sent to family and friends on...

11th Jun

3×1 and 1×2 = ? These three cuties!!

Did my little math equation confuse ya? Maybe a word problem would...

18th Aug

Tina's kids, Kelly's Kids

Tina’s kids in Kelly’s Kids … clothes. Started to sound like a...

06th Apr