M is for *My* new office!

On April 15, 2013 by Aimee

In 2006 (7 YEARS ago!) I went out on my own as a professional photographer and had this awesome office in a little space I rented:

One year later, I moved to a totally different space, with more an open concept, where my office was also the main showroom.

Fast forward 3 years and I started working for “the man” again. A year later, I decided it was pointless to pay for electricity when I could be working from home where it also happens that my husband works from. So I moved out … and back home … to a desk in our bedroom.

And by working in our bedroom, as a project manager, I invariably woke my husband up since he works a later ‘shift’ than I do.

So … after a year of that, I moved into HIS office, taking one of his four desk pieces and the back corner of the room for me.

If you look around the cat, you can see my husband’s desk. It was massive. I had ‘a table’. Okay. Fine. I dealt with it. And you’ll note, the cat followed me.

Well, after 2 years, now of working at that desk … with multiple computers, multiple iPads and my folder system for getting stuff done, I said “Wait … we have this unused space in our bedroom” (where I worked before) “what if we put up a wall?” This would invariably give me my own space to work and not interrupt people. And get me out of HIS office, because in reality that office has been his since we bought the house. It’s one reason we wanted a house with 4 bedrooms because he’s always worked from home and thus needs his own office. But again, we work semi-different shifts, so I’m in ‘his’ office with him for only about 4 hours a day. But it has never been MINE. I have never had a space for me.

Construction in our bedroom would, however, change the layout of our house and take away what COULD be a great place in our bedroom (if it weren’t full of junk that needs to be organized). So, my husband said “Why don’t we reorganize the office” and I added “And paint!” because the walls were the same “white” that the builder painted 13 years ago. O_O And again, unless drastic change happened, I knew I would still feel like I’d just been given space in HIS office.

So, Friday 4/12, my son and girls and I moved out all the junk into the other junk room. Hubby disconnected all his computers and servers and we moved all the desks to the center of the room. Tarping, taping, painting and redecorating on the order of 13 hours of effort and I have this!

$150 and 15 ish hours of effort over two days with lots of ‘elbow grease’ by The Boy and one of The Girls and I have an awesome space on 1/2 of the room. The other half is still a work in progress. 😉

Whatcha think?

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