My 8 year old daughter truly understands the ‘show don’t tell philosophy’ of fiction writing

On January 8, 2013 by Aimee

My youngest came downstairs and said the following …

Mom … if you go upstairs to your office, and you find a green rag on the floor … and it’s wet?

She added a sheepish smile, a half-curled lip and bright eyes as she stared at me.

I responded with:

You spilled my tea?

And she said:


You see, I totally knew what happened—had a complete visual based on my experience and her beating around the bush in describing exactly what I might find if I were to go to my office.

Yes, this is just an eight year old’s description, but she’s like this all the time. Of my two girls, she’s the most descriptive of pair. She is very visual and always describes, in writing mostly, what she sees, not telling me outright what it is but giving me that picture that’s so key.

My other daughter? She’s most expedient and efficient with her words. If it’s blue, it’s blue, not a soft color like in the sky. If it’s scary, it’s scary. It doesn’t make me want to cover my eyes and hide under the covers.

This little experience I had with my Baby B, my Frac to my Fric, my Thing 2 is exactly representative of how my girls are different and how much I love seeing the budding fiction writer in the very young.

Gotta love it! How about your kids? What do they do to imitate or emulate or show you up? 😉