Can you guess the #1 search term to my website? :) (Nope, you’ll NEVER guess)

On January 10, 2013 by Aimee

As my bio says … I’m a numbers girl. Yes, I have a degree in mathematics, and yes, I need a calculator to add most numbers with more than two digits. But, I do love me some numbers. LOVE them. I think personal statistics are a lot of fun.

Now, if your face looks like this:

My Daughter E at 2 years old

My Daughter E at 2 years old

you might not be a stats person.

And that’s … OK!

Really, it is. Just look away. Or keep reading … you might start checking out your stats, too.

Throughout the year, I tweet about crazy search results that brought people to my site. Those are found because I have access to statistics about my blog and website. And I track them. Every month. Sometimes a few times a month. Or week. Depends on my mood. 🙂

So as 2012 came to a close, I opened up my stats one more time and looked at the details. Here are some of the ‘fun’ (yes, again, I know that’s subjective) numbers for you!

  • Over one year, 33,027 unique visitors visited my website. 33,027! Wow!
  • The busiest month was March 2012 … hmm … why might that be? Thinking … thinking … thinking … oh yeah …
Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine

Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine

    • Over the year, I have 1,101,536 HITS to my website. That meant that the 33,027 people visited an average of 33.35 times! (thank you, thank you!)
    • Most people stayed only 0-30 seconds … but hey … if it takes that long to read a post or enter a giveaway or see something cool, I’m cool with that.
    • “hot guys with cats” was the number one search term bringing people to my site. O_O Seriously? This brings people to my site? Now why is that?

  • Of course searches for ‘aimee laine’ were pretty high up there too … thank goodness! But so were ‘children’s fashion’ and ‘tea party picnic’ (not to be confused with the political group). Funny thing, these searches are though … because right at the very END of the year, two more jumped from 0 to a LOT …
  • ‘Christmas Photography’
  • and ‘I love you so much’
  • The number 1 (#1!) website from which people reached me is the most awesome, amazing, reader site ever. I think. I’m a Reader Not a Writer!
I'm a Reader Not  Writer

I’m a Reader Not Writer

The Bawdy Book Blog

The Bawdy Book Blog


  • The busiest day of the week where people come by?


  • And the busiest time of day?

Well it’s a 3-way tie with the numbers so close I think they must all be mentioned!

10 AM, 5PM and 10 PM 

So there you have it. My fun little adventure into 2012’s ‘stats’. Hope you enjoyed it!