Do your kids write you love notes?

On September 21, 2012 by Aimee

Since my girls are little and LOVE to write notes, I often get “You’re mean” and “I want a new Mom” and “When are you going to stop working?” all the time.

Sometimes, though, I get awesome, amazing, beautiful, loving, amazing love notes.

Like this one. I just have to share.

In case you need a translation, this says:

Dear mom,

I love you so much could eat you up like a red hot pepper or yellow or maybe even green. (not for real)

Now … I’m not sure I’ve even been compared to a red hot pepper or any pepper for that matter.

So why she chose that for my love note, I don’t know.

What tickles me the most is the change in color as if red or yellow or even green is either 1) gross or 2) hotter and they’d be willing to eat them.

I’m also pretty sure my kids wouldn’t eat peppers anyway.

But I can’t contain the smiles when I get notes like this.

Do your kids write you love notes?

What’s your favorite?

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