Meet Ben Hathaway, Jocelyn Adams’ latest hot-guy, and learn his ‘big secret!’

On August 9, 2012 by Aimee

Crossing Hathaway by Jocelyn Adams

Crossing Hathaway by Jocelyn Adams

Sometimes, traveling the top floor of an office building, in an elevator full of hidden spy cameras might be a thrilling ride, but first, I hate heights and second, I hate elevators and third, I’m going up to talk with Ben Hathaway, CEO of Hathaway Pharmaceuticals about his most recent acquisition.


Walking out into his spacious penthouse suite, I know opulence when I see it … like here with all the comforts of home, but at the top of a building.

Did I say I hate heights? Even the mere thought of them drives me insane.

Of course, for this interview, I wanted to make it personal and Ben’s too busy … or something … to come to me.

Greeted by his awesome assistant, I’m ushered into a theatre-like two-story room with masculine decor, given a very firm handshake, and nudged toward the soft black leather couch.

“So…” I cough under my hand. “You’re Ben Hathaway. The Ben Hathaway.”

He flashes a soul-snaring smile, lounges back in the leather chair across from me wearing a snappy tailored navy pin-stripe suit and pushes a dark curl behind his ear.  “So they tell me.”  He gives a gruff chuckle.  “There’s no need to look so nervous, Aimee.  I don’t bite like I used to.”

Doesn’t bite? Oh, man! And here I was, all prepared to have some teeth marks in my shoulder. Regaining my composure from my inner conversation, I say, “So, how does being a CEO affect your day to day life … like … do you get out much?” I immediately cringe, knowing my question has stepped into one big fat pile of politically-correct manure.[He cocks a brow and shifts in his seat, causing the leather to squeak. “Leading Hathaway Pharmaceuticals is my life.  Or at least it used to be before I met Eva.” Leaning forward, elbows propped on his knees, he pins me under a hard stare with his striking green eyes. “Did she tell you about my … issue? Did she send you here to harass me about it, too?”]

“Uh, no … I just hear— I mean … so … what’s your favorite thing about being the top dog?” “I suppose it would be continuing my father’s vision.”  Ben gazes around the room with pride.  “This was his company before he passed away.  From a very young age I watched him make decisions that modernized medicine and the entire industry for that matter. It was obvious how much his staff admired and trusted him, and I wanted nothing more than to fill his shoes. Though, perhaps I might have taken that role a little too seriously for a while.”  He laughs.  “That old adage of all work and no play makes Ben a grouchy tyrant turns out to have some merit.”

A little too seriously for a while? “Can you elaborate on the little too serious thing? I mean, did Eva coming into your life really change it THAT much?”

He bursts out laughing.  “I’d be quite embarrassed to tell you some of the not-so-pleasant things I’ve done to my employees over the years so let’s skip to the good that came with Eva, shall we?  I think my life shifted off its axis the instant she stepped into my office that first day when I sent her on a wild goose chase for a specialty coffee that didn’t exist.  I gave her a hard time and she stood her ground like a pit bull, putting me in my place more than once.  Few before her had the nerve.  I hardly knew what to do with her as she bettered me at my own games.”  His smile turns dark and mischievous.  “That she’s just so utterly adorable when she’s mad might have softened me a little to her ways, too.” 

I look over my shoulder hoping the woman in question isn’t around.  “Wouldn’t Eva cringe at being called utterly adorable? How can you use those words for the IT geek that she aspires to be?” 

“You’re not going to tell on me are you,” he asks with mock fear before grinning.  “Although she’s brilliant with her photographic memory, resourceful and the most stubborn person I’ve met outside of myself, I think she secretly likes it when I tell her she’s adorable.  Her cheeks turn the prettiest shade of pink every time.  Watching her scowl and hearing her curse under her breath makes her even more endearing.”  His amusement fades.  “I’d prefer you didn’t tell her I said that, though.  She can be quite the force if I truly get her angry, and she probably wouldn’t want anyone to know she often curses like a trucker in a traffic jam.”
“Okay, okay, so you’re a couple, yadda yadda. Now that you’re no longer the most unreachable bachelor, what plans do you have for the future … you know … marriage and kids or … back to the work grind?”

Ben digs into his pocket and withdraws a black velvet ring box, watching it with bright eyes full of emotion.  “I have plans for the first, soon, but tell her about seeing this and I’ll be quite upset with you.”

I’m already getting giddy with excitement. I know a secret! I know a secret! I know a secret.

 He stares at me, one I imagined he once used often to scare people with before grinning again.  “As for children, Eva has been reluctant to talk about that yet due to her rather difficult childhood with her adoptive father.  I think deep down she wants a baby as I do, but as I needed time to work through my issues, she needs time to work through hers.  When the time is right, I have faith that we’ll take that step.  As for work, my mother has joined me to take some of the burden, leaving me more free time for other more … enjoyable activities.”  He winks and slips the ring back into his suit pants.

Oooh! I keep that little exclamation to myself as I jig in my seat, because of course *I* know a secret and no one else does. 

Oh, wait.

Now you do, too.

So maybe I’ll just gloat on this little tidbit and tell you that if you want to learn more about Ben and how Eva snagged him so that the above will happen … then, read the book!

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