It’s here! My news! Silent Echoes will release in March 2013!

On August 6, 2012 by Aimee

Woohoo! Here it is! Here it is! Book 2 of the Games of Zeus … the info straight from my publisher!

Aimee Laine’s novel, Silent Echoes, a Games of Zeus novel following Hide & Seek, will release in March 11, 2013.

August 6, 2012 – J. Taylor Publishing has a full schedule of releases planned for 2013 including Silent Echoes, Aimee Laine’s second in the Games of Zeus series, expected in March 2013.

Silent Echoes, a paranormal romance, tells the story of Ian Sands and Taylor Marsh, two supporting cast members in Hide & Seek—the first of the series.

“The addition of a second in a series is a significant milestone for any author,” says J. Taylor Publishing. “Not only does the story carry on with familiar cast members, but readers can dive into the personalities and lives they might have some familiarity with, but from new perspectives.”

Tripp and Lexi return as does Emma Shepherd, but, while Silent Echoes is a stand alone novel, it focuses on characters most may have glossed over in the first book.

“Ian was a big part of Hide & Seek,” says Ms. Laine, “but only as Tripp’s best friend and business partner. Taylor, on the other hand, was only a blip in the story. Writing their story from Ian and Taylor’s perspectives was both a challenge and a lot of fun. I was able to really showcase his personality and her genuine southern, but tough, nature. Added to that, these two as a romantic match are complete opposites—similar to Hide & Seek—but for Ian and Taylor, their problem isn’t about being opposites at all.”

The Games of Zeus series features twists on mythological conundrums or games set within life in the present day. With Silent Echoes, readers will return once again to Rune, North Carolina, but also travel north, back home to Ian’s roots.

“The expression, ‘It’s a small world,’ suits Ms. Laine’s stories,” says J. Taylor Publishing, adding, “she has created multiple stories, a world of paranormal, set in one small town in the south and each of her books finds part of its home there. What this brings is a sense of continuity and a place where characters from one book to another, or even one series to another, could overlap.”

Silent Echoes will be the first release for Aimee Laine in 2013, though she also writes as Emi Gayle who is set to release Day After, the second in the 19th Year Trilogy in May, 2013.

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