Would you make anyone suffer Julie Reece’s most embarrassing moment?

On July 25, 2012 by Aimee

According to Julie Reece, she and her girls devoured countless YA books together, bouncing ideas off each other until they encouraged her to create her own story. She did. And she wrote Crux — the book, as she put it, they couldn’t find to read together.

Julie Reece!

Julie Reece!

I’m so, so thankful they did because I TRULY love Crux. For this debut author, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more in her, I just know it. What about you? Want to know more about Julie Reece? Check this out!

What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?

Cut me off in traffic.

I live in Atlanta so I have road rage. It’s an automatic morphing of character that happens to everyone who drives here. It cannot be helped or avoided, though many have tried. There is nothing more shocking than watching a here-to-fore lovely grandmother-type woman, mom in a soccer van or good natured neighbor (the kind that rescues kittens and brings shut-ins dinner) sprout horns and start shouting obscenities in our traffic . It’s very disturbing.

If that doesn’t get you interested in this brand new author, check her out at all these other places:

If you were to be eaten by cannibal, how would you like to be prepared?

I have no idea how I’d taste, but I suspect a little tough, so we’d better marinade.

Mix oregano, soy sauce, garlic cloves, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce basil, thyme, hot red pepper flakes and some olive oil. Marinate at least thirty minutes and cook me up. I’d serve me on flat bread with dilled yogurt sauce and tomatoes like a Greek Gyro, but that’s just me.

PS How weird was that to talk about!

Do spelling and grammer mistakes annoy you?

I’m dyslexic. My education was poor and further hindered by learning disabilities, so I am the last person to throw stones for grammar issues. Obviously, everyone has their limits, but there’s a lot I’ll overlook if the story is well told. For me, story trumps mechanics every time.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Aside from being a full time author? Hmm …

I can think of several occupations I’d love, but the one jumping out at me at the moment is wedding planner. I’m bossy, so it’s great because I’d be in charge. LOL. Just kidding. I’d be helping people on one of the greatest, happiest days of their lives. How cool is that? Seasons change, so every wedding is different: color, theme, décor, venue, flowers, and food. The celebrations would vary so much, a planner can really use their creativity. I’d never be bored! 

… or I could be the zoo keeper in charge of tigers …

What was your most embarrassing moment?

No one can beat this. No one. I dare you.

The summer between eighth and ninth grade, I went to the beach with a group of kids from school (I lived in Florida at the time). We were out on the beach playing volleyball and I got my period. My periods are not light. It was then I realized I’d left my towel in a car … a mile away. Yeah.

I borrowed a beach towel from my friend, and (flanked by said friend from behind with another girl in front) we walked to the car. Thirty minutes in the public bathroom and I had to face the others on the beach again. I’d never been so humiliated. A boy I had a crush on was there. His response to me? Priceless.

I think I’ll save those details for one of my romances

If you could meet any famous person living or not, who would it be?

Any one person? Sheeze, that’s tough.

Okay, I thought of somebody. Have you ever heard of George MacDonald? Nope, not the burger guy. He was the man who inspired C.S. Lewis to write The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. If you’ve ever read any of MacDonald’s fairy tales or fantasy novels, he’s a brilliant writer and fascinating man. I think we’d have a nice chat, he and I. You can read more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_MacDonald

Now, before we get to the last question, let’s look at Julie Reece’s book …

Crux by Julie Reece

She should have run. Now, she’ll have to fight.

Eighteen year old Birdie may be homeless, but she’s surviving, that is until a mysterious guy throws money in the air like a crazy game show host and she grabs some with the idea she’ll be able to buy dinner that night.

In that singular moment, unassuming Birdie becomes the girl in everyone’s viewfinder. Thugs want to kill her. Money-guy wants to recruit her. The very hot, very rich, and very out of her league Grey Mathews wants to save her.

Birdie, though, wants nothing to do with any of them until she realizes fate didn’t bring them all together.

Her heritage did.

Now, with only twenty-one days left, she’s got to decide whether to follow in the footsteps of those before her or risk her life for people she’s only just met.

Favorite one-line review about the book

I have never read a story like this, it was a breath of fresh air, a refreshing change and a story that I really didn’t want to end…

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

“My hand juts out and I brace myself against his upper thigh. Muscles flex beneath his dark jeans, huge ones, and with blood rising up my neck to sear my cheeks, I pull my hand back as fast as gravity allows. “Oh, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t apologize.” He cuts in front of a Dodge minivan. “That’s the most fun I’ve had all day.”

Buy it now …

But before you go, one last question …

Are you cheap or thrifty?

Thrifty. It’s about the hunt. I like things to look good, but I don’t pay top dollar for anything. My favorite shopping experience is to find an expensive designer, well, anything, fill in the blank _______.

The challenge is to find that item marked down or something similar for half the price. Despite what my mother says, you can look great for less. Victory makes my heart happy.

Congratulations, Julie! Good luck with Crux!

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