Words to cringe by: “Mom, I made the guinea pig fly!”

On July 31, 2012 by Aimee

Real guinea pigs don’t slide down slides nor do they parachute … right? Someone please tell my kids because they somehow got it in their heads that it would be fun to make a guinea pig ‘slide’ down a make shift slide and ‘parachute’ from the top bunk in their room.

Here is where you insert eyes like this:


Let me back up a minute to tell this story. You see … I was working and my daughter came up to me with a note. I read:

“Mom, can I use your pink shoe box for the piggies.”

I managed, between emails and phone calls, to say ‘no’. But this should have been clue #1 that something was up.

But I should have been prepared for me.

Eventually, I heard giggles and noise from their room and learned they had taken their guinea pigs inside for some exercise.

Awe. 🙂 Here I go, yeah! They are playing.

Hubby says, “Yeah, but they had them in the suitcase, rolling them around. I explain that the pigs need air…”

Um… clue #2.

Now the girls were alone with their pigs, which is no big deal because they know how to take care of them.

But the door was shut.

Clue #3

Me, being done with work (mostly) and very curious, decided to enter the messy domain that is two 8 year olds’ room and immediately, upon entering the door I said …

What are you doing!?

You see … on the top bunk sat one of my children, holding one end of a sheet. At the bottom, child #2, holding the other end over a set of beanbags. Both wore giant smiles and proclaimed …

“We made a slide for the guinea pigs!”

to which I yelled …

Hubby! Get in here!

My total and complete shock did not end there. Oh, no sirree….

“We made them parachute, too!” the 2nd proclaimed.




Yes, you heard that right.

Live guinea pigs were forced to endure parachuting and ‘sliding’ at the hands of their masters.

Two sweet little girls.

Needless to say, there was quite the discussion on animal safety and what’s right and wrong to do with a LIVE GUINEA PIG.


Should I say it again?

These are LIVE PIGGIES! NOT stuffed ones!

And they don’t work the same way as cats who can jump up to and jump down from the top bunk ON THEIR OWN.

My shock remained as we ‘saved’ our piggies from future disaster, returned them to their cage and watched them both promptly go sleep.

Clearly, the girls had worn them out.

So from now on, I shall heed any warnings that begin “Mom, can we …” and stop the flow of ideas right there.

Wow. Poor piggies!

They are fine by the way. 🙂

And you see? I cannot make this stuff up!

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