Poor Larry. According to my daughter, he needs a funeral

On July 19, 2012 by Aimee

Larry the squiggly worm weighs absolutely nothing. He is nothing but a puffball, but he squiggles all over the place and he’s almost hard to hold. It’s weird, but upon finding Larry at the Dollar store, my Emily fell in love and carried him around for several days.


This is not an unusual occurrence, nor is what happened next.

Shortly after acquiring Larry with her hard earned $1 … my Abby acquired some Gak. You know the sticky, nasty, gooy, icky stuff that rivals Playdough but is in no way shape or form as cool as play dough.

At least to me.

Because I’m old.

But I digress.

You see, at 8 … curiosity can really get the better of a kid.






Larry + Gak.


But alas, yes.

Gak by Nickelodeaon

Gak by Nickelodeaon

I mean what else does an 8 year old have to experiment with? Knives and scissors? well there’s that, but we won’t go there right now.

Larry was unceremoniously Gakified.

Yep, he and his fuzzy self was rolled around in the yellow Gak.

Well, what happened next?

Emily needed to immediately get the Gak off!

But NO! Gak does not come off fluffy creatures.

Insert tears here.


An idea.

Emily will WASH Larry of the Gak!



This is perfect!

Until $1 Larry and the Gak did not wash off.

And thus, Larry, with his crazy eyeballs … was relegated to the funeral procession for all toys. From paper towel to trash can.

Poor Larry.

Larry was a life lesson.

How about you? Your kids do anything wild an crazy only to ruin a favorite little inanimate creature?


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