Let’s talk confusing cup sizes … some aren’t even a size.

On July 27, 2012 by Aimee

You opened that thinking I was going to talk about boobs, didn’t you?

Come one. Admit it.

You did.

I’m talking about the cups that you get at fast food restaurants.

Why am I ranting about this today? Because they are all outta whack!

You see, over the 4th of July holiday, we traveled the 2 hour stretch to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Now 2 hours is enough time to get hungry and thirsty but since we’d planned to eat there, we did stop for drinks.

In the 1st stop (on the way) we ordered:

– One Ice Water
– Two Large Iced teas (Unsweet for me, Sweet for my son)

Three drinks. Two the same size.

We received this:

Upon our drive back, however, when we stopped yet again, at the SAME place, but with 2 extra bodies in the car (i.e., my girls), we ordered
– Two Small High C
– One Medium Unsweet
– One Large Sweet tea
and one frosty for the hubby

And we received this!

So while sitting in the drive thru, I asked the girl what size the little one was because when she handed me two ‘MEDIUMS’ (or what *I* classified as Medium since that’s NOT what we got on our first trip) she said the little one was actually called ‘Value’.

Um …

That’s not a size!

How am I supposed to know to order a ‘Value’ for a small?

When did we get away from simplicity in our ordering? Small. Medium. Large. What’s wrong with that? And … when you order a medium at one time, isn’t it the same as a ‘medium’ the second time?

Why is what is called Large not called “Monsterous”?

And what happens to the ‘kid size’ which is even SMALLER than ‘value’.

Why do we needed these sizes when they try to upsell you on the bigger size every time anyway for only $.10 more? I mean, c’mon! Just charge me the $.10 more that I’ll never know was $.10 more and make it SIMPLE!!

So in reality, this particular store has kid, value, small, medium and large when it should have:

extra small, small, medium, large and massive.

It makes sense to me.

How about you? What do the have to make it so confusing just to order something to drink?

See? I really can’t make this stuff up. Someone else has to and I get to experience it … then throw it in a book! This is where fiction is so much more fun than non-fiction!

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