But, Mom! Why can’t I have a cupcake for breakfast? You let me have a doughnut.

On July 16, 2012 by Aimee

What could I say to that? That really was her argument.

Cupcake Photo by lamantin

“No, darling child, a cupcake is… ”

full of sugar

full of fat

not nutritional

not good for you

Um … well … and yet, I have allowed her to eat a doughnut for breakfast.

As well as syrup covered pancakes

and syrup covered french toast.

Hmmmm….. ::tapsfingertochin::

Me thinks there is a problem here!

What is it that defines what food is good when? We call breakfast the start to the day and suggest dairy, eggs, breads, fruit, etc. But then at lunch the meal is different, and at dinner, even more different.

Then at some point, if you aren’t sugar averse, in comes the dessert – with the cakes and cookies and cupcakes or doughnuts, the whipped topping covered fruit or the chocolate-dipped fruit if you want to pretend you’re being healthy, right? 😉

So why not have dessert first? Though I’m sure a nutritionist will comment and tell me exactly why, that’s NOT the point. Why do we eat certain foods at certain times of the year?

I, for one, cannot eat chili in the summer. That’s a winter food to me. I was brought up that way. My husband wasn’t and is ALWAYS begging to make chili in the summer. I refuse to buy the ingredients because … IT’S A WINTER FOOD.

Just like cupcakes are dessert, not breakfast, right?

But doughnuts CAN be breakfast or dessert.

Yet the fat, sugar and overall nutritional value in a cupcake and doughnut are probably about 100% the same.

Thus … if A+B=C and D+E=C then by the transitive property of some mathematician’s name I can’t remember, A+B=D+E and C still equals C.

And in conclusion …

have your cake and eat it too.

Cupcakes for breakfast!