So lost in thought, I forgot to pick up my kids. #TiWiWf

On June 7, 2012 by Aimee

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I remembered as I pulled into my own driveway … as I pressed the button for the garage door … as I looked down and their drinks were in the upholders, but THEY were not in their seats behind me.


I’d meant to get them on the way back from the drugstore — at the house where I’d dropped them off for only 20 minutes — at a friend’s house.

I’d meant to. I’d planned on it.

And I’d made it all the way home without them.

Rather than let the food get cold, I had my son bring it inside and upon not pulling into the garage, I had to answer the question of “Where are the girls?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah … I forgot to get my girls.

Why you ask?

Well … I’ll tell you.

I had one of those moments where I drove as if without thinking, going from point A to point C, bypassing point B because the path from A to C was ‘normal’. I went home because I was thinking about life and my blog, about writing, work, about my future and not thinking about the little details (as if my kids are the little details).

I just drove.

And that got me to thinking more. I realize I haven’t blogged in a while. Why not? Nothing interesting to say? Nah. Plenty. No time? Well, yeah, that’s been a huge problem lately. Sick? Have been. Yeah, excuse after excuse comes up (just like in forgetting my kids).

The reality?

I lost my blogging mojo … kinda like I lost my way in traveling down the right roads.

I think though … that I’ve refund it.

My blog is about me … about my life as a christian, a wife, a mother of 3 and a workerbee. It’s these things that push me to write fiction. These things add the crazy conflict to my life. These things are the fodder for wanting to have fiction in my life. What happens at work, at the dinner table … in the car as I drive and forget to pick up my kids … these are all the causes to the effects.

These are all the reasons I write fiction.


So I’ve got a new blogging plan.

All thanks to forgetting to pick up my kids.

How about you? Does getting lost help you find your purpose again?

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