It’s hard to stick to your beliefs when it means the loss of love.

On June 29, 2012 by Aimee

Several weeks ago The Boy and ‘a girl’ who shall remain nameless broke up. Now, for The Boy, this seems to be a rather common occurrence. Where I found my love and stuck, none of these girls have stuck.

And that … is -O-K- by me.

However, this one particular instance with girl-who-shall-not-be-named made me one proud mom.

They went their separate ways because she’s an atheist and he holds his Christian beliefs close to his heart and he, like me, has been a party to the sermon series discussing the challenges of relationships where the parties do not share in the one fundamental belief system: One True God.

How do I know this is the reason? Well, I asked. My boy told me and to quote him: “She doesn’t believe in God.”

From a 14 year old, this may seem stupid or astute. Ridiculous or petty or downright smart.

I go with astute and smart.

First, it means he’s been listening to what adults say about the challenges. Secondly, it means his belief, his Christian beliefs are important enough to him to put them above a relationship – or to make them a fundamental part of the relationship.

I knew ‘this girl’ had these beliefs and told my son that he should talk to her about it. Ask her why. Find out what makes her believe there is no God. What draws her away from a relationship with a deity.

He said he might.

He may have. He may not have. I’m not going to push that one way or the other.

But knowing that he had the nerve, the guts, hell … the balls to give up ‘love’, to give up a cute girl, to know what’s important first, second and third (or art least 1st and 2nd) in a relationship makes me the

proudest mom on earth

It’s not that he was right and she is wrong (which of course she is – who’s mom do you think I am?) … it’s that he stuck to his belief system. He held true to his own set of principles, ideals, morals, ethics, whatever you want to call it.

It also leads me to believe he’s got a good head on his massive shoulders and that while said head is also as hard as a rock and stubborn as an ass (he takes after me), it means I’ve done one thing right.

He stands up for what he believes in … in a circumstance that’s far more important to most teenage boys (i.e. girls) than say whether to change their underwear each day. 😉

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