What’s your favorite summer activity? #Giveaway

On May 24, 2012 by Aimee

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer” and Page Tuerner’s Blog for hosting this awesome hop!

What does summer mean for you? Vacation? Longer days? Heat? Green grass instead of brown? Blue skies instead of grey?

Summer, as a kid for me, meant the pool would open and into it I would go. My parents had a pool at our house in Michigan … and another down here in North Carolina.

My kids, now, take advantage of this awesome place. And when they do, I get a break!

The pool though isn’t just about swimming. Or lounging. Or hanging out with family and friends. It’s about making the BIGGEST splash possible. You know the run, jump and wrap your arms around your legs kinda of splash. The hit with your butt and make the water go as high as possible. The get EVERYONE around you soaking wet whether on the deck or in the water themselves.

The fun part about being a writer is I can put that to words. The fun part of being a photographer is putting that to photos. So, for a little fun, I give you both!

Words first!

Feet discolored from dirt and grass, I stand. The sun shines overhead beating down on my shoulders. My pulse races in anticipation as I take one step forward. Only ten more to go.

The passing breeze does nothing to quell my body’s need for refreshment. It acts only as a reminder of the thickness of the air that surrounds me.

My pace quickens. My heart flutters. The glistening blue entices me to run. Faster.

Only five more steps.

The grass thins as countless toes have dug in, preparing for launch onto the tired, worn, broken wood of the deck.

Three more steps.

Up once. Up a second time. The undulations and small crests hit the side wall as I scope out my place. The sounds of my friends and family resonate in my ears.

“Do it!” they all yell in encouragement.

One more.

The underside of my foot registers with the sideboard. It will take one last measure of momentum. I lower my hands to my sides, close my eyes, and hold my breath. My knees bend naturally as I press with my toes and push with all my might into the air.

My arms raise as my legs release from the support below. My body flies into the air as I curl into a ball and yell.


Welcome to Summer!

Now, none of my books are set in the summer, so … well … they don’t get the benefit of this fun. BUT, one of them does have a certain intimate scene on the beach. 😉 That’s not the point of this post though, and I’m not going to tell you which book it is, but if you pick right, you’ll get to read it!

So, what’s your favorite summer activity? Answer in the comments and register to win through the widget below!

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