Do you have a Sheldon Cooper in your house?

On April 11, 2012 by Aimee
Big Bang Theory on CBS

Big Bang Theory on CBS

If you’ve never watched the BIg Bang Theory on CBS (or reruns on TBS where they are all the time) … you’re missing out on life!

First of all, it’s a relatively CLEAN comedy which I love. My husband and I want ‘New Girl’ but I have to tell you, EVERY episode is about sex. So, only WE watch it and it’s not always funny. But Big Bang … geez. It’s hilarious.

I mean, freakin’ hilarious.


Take 4 incredibly smart guys … the absolute nerds of your high school, with absolutely no social skills whatsoever and add in one very, very, very pretty blonde girl who befriends them all. It seems like the most ODD matchup EVER, but it works.

The dynamics between the characters (and the actors) is tremendously charismatic and just so natural.

And remember when I said ‘clean’? Well … it is. The topics are often of a social nature and of smart things. I can’t even describe it but three PhD guys and one Masters in Engineering don’t spend all day talking about sex. They talk about themselves. And they talk about smart stuff and math and physics and chemistry. It’s almost like a show to promote education even though the characters are socially inept.

My kids LOVE it, not only because of the laugh out loud moments, but they have LEARNED stuff on Big Bang Theory. I don’t even care that the title and somewhat premise is that the earth started with a ‘big bang’ and I ascribe to the notion that God created all things, including the earth. That has no bearing on the comedy of this show.

Now here is where it starts to really sink in that this show is funny …

when you figure out that YOU have those characters in your family.

Okay, so many not the characters exactly, but … say … the character’s little traits.

For example:

  • Leonard is the most outgoing of the four – the most ‘normal’. I have normal and smart in my family.
  • Then there is Howard who dresses the oddest with a fascination with belt buckles (have you noticed he has a different one in every episode?). Well, in my family, we have our quirks like that. One of my daughters wears the same pants 6 of 7 days a week. Don’t ask.
  • Then there is Raj … who can’t talk to girls. Penny included. He’s just a sweetheart. Reminds me of my son a little bit.
  • And Penny. She’s the pretty blonde girl from across the hall. She’s the ditzy one. 😉 We all have one of ‘those’ in our family, right? In mine, this little classification goes to my ultra-smart, but a little flighty youngest daughter. 🙂 Who, by the way, can sing the entire BBT theme song.
  • But it’s Sheldon who really makes the show. He’s just so … ADD and OCD and ADHD and something with the brain of Einstein. Here is where we start to have fun with the show. In our house, we have a Sheldon Cooper.

No, none of us have that IQ. Nope. We’re more on the Penny/Howard side.

BUT, we have our major quirks that really keeps us grounded to the family.

For example:

We all have our places on our couches in our family room. Yes we do. And if someone decides to sit in someone else’s place, it can make for very very tense dinner/tv watching moments. We all feel weird. Like sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. Or being the passenger in a car instead of the driver. Or using a fork to eat ice cream instead of a spoon. These are things you just don’t do.

We call these Sheldon Cooper moments.

And if someone is in someone else’s spot on the couch and said person gripes or complains about someone else being in said person’s spot then that person is automatically referred to as ‘Sheldon Cooper’ for the remainder of the night.

It’s fun and that’s the great thing about this show. It infuses humor into our OWN life.

So … do you have a Sheldon Cooper in your house? 🙂 Share in the comments!

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8 Responses to “Do you have a Sheldon Cooper in your house?”

  • Lol! I love the post! I do not have a Sheldon in my house and probably wouldn’t be able to deal with it if I did. Wait, does that mean that I AM the Sheldon then??

  • I haven’t watched this but I think you’ve sold me on it. And I’ve definitely experienced Sheldon Cooper moments!

  • Great show! Very few shows keeps our house laughing out loud. Actually, I’d be hard press to find another… ok maybe Phineas and Ferb.

    We definitely have a Sheldon in the family. My nephew. When told the were going to Medeval Times (a joust and knight sparing done while the audience eats as they were wont to do back then, with their hands) he was concerned they wouldn’t have vegtables. So concerned, in fact, he made his mother, my sister, pack him a baggie full of veggies to eat with dinner.


  • OMG, I have become a total Big Bang addict. We didn’t know about it until this year when we were staying with our 10 and 12 year old grandchildren and they wanted to watch it. We just about died laughing. We not only know those people, we ARE those people. We met at a science fiction convention (no kidding, it was ConTroll 1993 in Houston) and I used to own a comic book shop with my brother and sister in Amarillo in the 1980’s. My husband has a degree in Chemistry and both of us are history nerds who play World of Warcraft and other games. I even own a Dell XPS (like the guys have) to game on but mine is an actual World of Warcraft gaming machine complete with backlights. Our younger son is a programmer who taught game design for four years and he and his 12 year old son (the one who showed us Big Bang) play games on weekends of all kinds and the kid can beat his dad.

    It is scary how much of this show is patterned after so many of my friends and family. I think that’s why I laugh so much. I know those people. Even Sheldon.