Manicure? Pedicure? Massage? Day off? What shall I do … today… March 16th?

On March 16, 2012 by Aimee

Celebrate my birthday? 😉

So, okay, it’s not my 1st birthday, it’s my 38th. Yup 3-8. If I add those together, I’m only 11, which is pretty young. 😉

I could do a whole lotta stuff, but I probably won’t. I have a gift certificate for a massage, but have been saving it. I didn’t take the day off, but it feels weird taking days off when I work from home. Yeah, so I do work 8+ hours a day, but … I’m home. I think it’s natural to end up working MORE, oddly enough.

So … take lunch for a mani/pedi?

Might do that.

Might do nothing different.

I mean, nothing in my house is different. Kitchen is still dirty. Floor needs to be vacuumed. Guinea pig still needs a name. Etc.

Life really is unchanged.

I remember as a kid thinking this day would be soooooooooo awesome and I’d be sooooooooooo different.

Somewhere between year 10, when I got to claim the big 2-digit age, and when I hit 21 and could drink but didn’t, I figured out that birthdays are really just that.

I could wallow in the fact I’m not 11 … but am 38 … and have a kid who’s 14. I could wallow in all sorts of issues.

There’s no point. It’s not going to change anything. Today is no different than yesterday and that’s … okay!

Because today is still a good day. It’s a Friday. It’s the end of the week. I will have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (Cracker Barrel) with my family. I will get to breathe another day. I will enjoy my dirty house and my old laptop.

No matter what, today is good.

It’s my birthday.

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