If you knew the ending of a book—and it wasn’t happy—would you read it? #TiWiWf

On March 23, 2012 by Aimee

Before you say, “No way! If I know how it ends, I will never read it,” might, I remind you how BIG the movie Titanic was? Yet the ship STILL sank.

Most of the people died.

And millions of people went to the theaters to watch. Millions of people bought the DVDs AFTER they watched the movie. Millions rented it via Netflix and pay per view. And (finally), when it comes on tv for free, we watch it.

Yet … we KNOW the end.

The boat still sinks.

The people still die.

It happens the same way, every time, with no change.

Just like the real event. Which those of us who’re alive already know all about. The Titanic sank. Period. We know.

Yet we still love/watch/rewatch the movie.


Is it because we like struggle and strife? Is that it? We want to feel other people’s pain? Maybe. I don’t know. But I have an idea for a novel. Egad! Not me, right? 😉 I have this idea that is to kill off ALL the characters at the end.

Yes, that’s exactly what I said.

I want to kill off ALL the characters at the end. The favorites. The good ones. The men, women and children. At the end, I want it to be ‘the end’.

And I want you to know it.

Right now.

When I tell people that I OFTEN read the end of books before I read the beginning and middle, they tell me I’m not letting it surprise me. How can you do that? I hear, often. Often. Often. 🙂 It seems most people don’t read the end first.

Who knew? 😉

Knowing ‘the end’ seems to bother a lot of people — at least in books. Yet we flock to movies like Titanic. Where everyone dies (or a lot do) and the boat sinks.

You know the end first.

So … my question to you is this: If I (or someone else — but particularly me since I have this idea) wrote a book and all the people died (and the figurative boat sank), and you knew that going in … would you read it?

Have fun with your answers!

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