What’s your reading goal for 2012? Add Hide & Seek, and I’ll send you a bookmark!

On January 2, 2012 by Aimee

Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine

Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine

There are loads of great books out there. Loads. No. Tons. Thousands. No one would ever have the time to read every book published. They wouldn’t even have time to read all the books in their favorite genre.

Since my favorite genre, and the one I write in, is Romance, I could read 24/7 and wouldn’t be able to read all the awesome books available. That’s where the real and/or virtual ‘TBR’ or ‘To Be Read‘ pile comes in handy.

You might have a stack of paperbacks. You might have a folder on your Kindle. Perhaps you use Goodreads. Whatever it is, there’s a list of books you want to read … somewhere.

I have 49 books on my Good reads TBR pile. 49! And that’s nothing compared to some with 100s or 1000s. I have at least 10 book samples on my Kindle and several unpublished manuscripts from friends to read. I get books from everywhere, but I do have to say, they are now all in ebook form. Yup. I am 99.9% ebook only. I stick that .01% in there because every once in a while I have a paperback in my hands … for example at my own book releases!

This year, I’ve made a goal to read 12 adult books and 12 YA books (which I will review under my alter ego’s name Emi Gayle.) This is in addition to all my friend’s pre-published books. That’s not a lot. Nope. Not a lot at all. But it’s a goal for me.

I plan to work through my own TBR pile, but I do expect I’ll add a few (probably too many) to my list throughout the year. I have Hide & Seek, my upcoming novel due out March 1, 2012 on my TBR pile. (Do you?) 🙂 (I had to ask)

I’m so keen on this TBR pile and my own goals that I have a little incentive for you! Add Hide & Seek to your 2012 list this week (Jan. 2 through Jan. 6) and I’ll send you a signed bookmark!

Add Hide & Seek to your Goodreads list here.

Have a wonderful year of reading goodness!!

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