Book Review : Touch of Frost by Jocelyn Adams

On December 13, 2011 by Aimee

Touch of FrostTouch of Frost by Jocelyn Adams
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I fell in love with Jocelyn Adams’ work when I read The Glass Man, her debut novel released in October 2011. I have to say I was excited to know a novella would be coming out, even though the characters and story have nothing to do with The Glass Man. In that case, I wondered: could she suck me in? Would it be a race against time? Would I love the main character and hate the bad guy as much?

The answers were all ‘yes’ but in very different ways.

You see, in Touch of Frost, Jocelyn pens a completely different story. This one is more a true romance, a love story across the ages and races. You see, Willem (love his name by the way) isn’t human, but Lauren is. He knows their difference, she doesn’t. He’s saved her countless times from the elements of weather. She doesn’t know it.

Lauren has only this vague recollection of Willem, like when we stare at someone’s photo on Facebook and go … “Man, where have I seen you before?” and just can’t pull it to mind. It’s there, but it’s not. And the story progresses until we learn just how she knows him and just what would come of their relationship if they were to give it a go.

Like all good romances, there are multiple facets that should tear them apart. Should, of course, because we all need a happily ever after, right?

The other part of this story that is so strong is the scenery. Set in the snow-capped mountains, I often got chills while reading and not from the plot or the hot main character. No, from the description of the snow and ice and the cold. It was powerful to be given such sensory feedback and to actually feel the chill bumps grow on my arms and for the back of my neck to shiver. The story really did do that!

That’s what I love in a book. A story that takes me in and makes me feel like I’m there. I love that this one is short so it only took me one set on my treadmill to read. 🙂 It has nothing of the pace of The Glass Man, but that’s okay because in this, that’s not needed. We need to feel the cold and the only way to do that is to immerse yourself in the story, one line at a time … to let the frostbite take hold.

I might just have to go read it a second time, but next to a warm fire curled up with my man or my cat. 😉 Just like Lauren.

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