Where does Olivia Kelly hide the one thing she fears most?

On November 16, 2011 by Aimee

If you were to be eaten by cannibal, how would you like to be prepared?
Barbecue, of course! I have made North Carolina my home, and I would be insulted if he tried to stew me or make a casserole. Imagine the sheer humiliation of topping a garden salad. No, it has to be barbecue.

Now, of course the above question wouldn’t be related to her Regency romance novella, but it’s funny to just ask! πŸ™‚ And I do like some NC barbecue. Especially Smithfields. Yumminess. But I digress because this is not about me, it’s about Olivia! So let’s learn more!

Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?
No. No, it would not. Because I have a fear of deep water. Okay, more of a phobia. I only go into the ocean when my husband drags me in, and then I spend then next 20 minutes scanning the waves for fins and screeching every time a fish brushes by me. My kids think I’m a wimp. I do not disagree. Whatever gets back to my beach chair fastest.

What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?
Call me on the phone and want to chat. Agonizing! I would rather run laps. I would rather clean toilets. I would rather find my high school-aged neighbor and beg him to let me do all his calculus. (That’s pretty dire, because I can add 2 + 2, and get 5. What?) I would MUCH rather you tweet me, email me, chat me up on my blog, Facebook me, write in the sky. For the love of Pete- Do. Not. Call. Me.

Are you cheap or thrifty?
Haha! I say I’m thrifty, but I’m pretty sure I’m cheap. I love a bargain. I’m that woman you hate getting behind in line at the grocery store. I have a book full of coupons, and yes, I will make the cashier call the manager over if the coupon expired yesterday. Seriously, dude, just give me the discount and I’ll go away. Works like a charm. Just sayin’…

If you could meet any famous person living or not, who would it be?
Oh, I’ve got this. Julia Quinn! I loooove her novels. She writes historical romance novels, set in the 1800s, but they are so funny and they read very modern. And I fall in love with her characters. I’m pretty sure if I met her, however, I would go all “fan-girl” on her. I’d probably giggle a lot. Then I would say something really embarrassing, like “I love you!”. And then I would spill my coffee on her. Sigh.

Now, before we get to the last question, let’s look at Olivia Kelly’s novella …

In OLIVIA KELLY’s It Could Only Be You, Harry Connelly has crossed an ocean and pushed his half-healed, battle weary body to its limits to confront the man who stole the life he should have had; his grandfather, the Duke of Danby. Wounded, Harry collapses in a small village’s church, and is nursed back to health by the vicar’s beautiful daughter, Lily Beaumont. A man haunted by the demons of war, he should know better than to become involved with such an innocent but he cannot stay away from her. Harry’s forced to make a decision. He can wield his decades old anger and bitterness against his grandfather, to compel him to acknowledge the damage he caused, and demand that the duke make monetary amends. Or he can turn his back on the past, and create a future with the woman he is beginning to think he cannot live without.

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

“The new viscountess looked at Lily with a smile.

“He’s absolutely miserable, you know.”

Lily did not pretend to misunderstand her friend. She wasn’t sure how to respond. She stared back in silence, until she remembered there was something to say.

“He lied to me. And he left, and has not been back since.”

Why’d she write her novella?
I was offered a chance to be part of the Regency Christmas Summons Anthology, and I thought it would be a great way to get my feet wet. I haven’t been published before, I only started writing about a year ago, so how could I turn down such a great opportunity?

Buy it now …

But before you go, one last question …

What scares you the most?
Failing. I think it’s a big fear for most of us. Who wants to feel passionately about something, put forth their best effort and then be told they suck? And I know I’m supposed to say it’s not about winning but how you play the game… but I really want to win. So, I am just going to shove my fear into a little box, tape it shut, shove it under the bed, leave the room and go have a Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks, because I’m NOT going let it beat me!

Congratulations, Olivia! Good luck with It Could Only Be You!

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