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On November 30, 2011 by Aimee

Godiva Ice Cream Parlor Milk Strawberry Truffles

Godiva Ice Cream Parlor Milk Strawberry Truffles

That I lost my “To 50k or beyond!” challenge to the machine, I mean writer, Jocelyn Adams.


Twice, you ask? Two times worth of a loss? How dare I!

I know!

But you see … I had an excuse. I went on a cruise during which I expected to be able to write.

And didn’t.

It seems that 10-15′ swells in the Atlantic Ocean, and my ability to focus on a laptop screen, simply don’t mix.

That gave Ms. Adams a full 6 days to run away with the words.

She did … because she does.

Challenging Jocelyn requires a lot of ambition. That I have. She made the challenge the first time. I made it the second, knowing, full well, I’d be gone.

The competitor in me got the best of me and in the end, I lost.


See, challenging Jo only ups my word count faster. It’s like typing to a timer. I know I gotta think fast, write fast and be fast.

She pushes me to to the finish line.

So a challenge with her is well worth the payback which includes both chocolate and the declaration as follows:

Jocelyn Adams is officially the fastest of the two of us in writing a story from 0 to 50,000 words having done so … again … before I reached the requisite amount of words.

To prove Jo didn’t write a bunch of garbage, our challenge moderators, the lovely J.A. Belfield presided over the challenge and validated Jo’s word count.

To say it’s not fun would be wrong. It’s always fun to write competitively with Jocelyn. What’s even better is that when she’s done, she send me her drafts, so not only do I get to get my butt in gear and write faster, I get to read more, too.

Thus, I say, to my number 1 competitor.

You win.

This time.


Do you compete with a friend for the purpose of motivation? When you ‘lose’ what do you have to do? Share in the comments!

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