Sneaky peaky! Want to read the first 6 lines from Hide & Seek? #sixsunday

On November 20, 2011 by Aimee

Six Sentence Sunday

Hide & Seek by me!

Hide & Seek by me!

From Hide & Seek, my 2nd novel, but the first in the ‘Games of Zeus’ series. It’s due out March 1, 2012!

And just to get you start, here are the first 6 lines. No one outside of my editor and beta readers have seen this yet.

The strand of empty coastline stretched for miles before Lexi Shepherd. Clumps of sand kicked up as she ran barefoot at the surf’s edge, the hem of her gown trailing in the water. Private deck and promenade lights outlined her path on one side, while the moon guided her with a stream of ethereal illumination on the other.

The ocean’s roar reverberated as waves crashed at her feet, sending sea spray into the air. Lexi slowed her pace upon reaching the pier, leaned against a thick pylon and inhaled the scent of coffee and tobacco.

“Do you have it?”

Does she have what? Any ideas? And who asked the question? Inquiring minds want to know? You’ll learn all about it March 1, 2012!

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