Never, EVER lie to a woman #sixsunday

On October 2, 2011 by Aimee

Six Sentence Sunday
And I’m back! I missed a week due to pure … lack of excuses. I just did. But here we are with an installment from Misguided, a short in the Into the Unknown Anthology due out December 1, 2011!

Wyatt Moreland, from Little White Lies is speaking.

“I have fifteen calls from Stuart. Why didn’t this buzz me?” Wyatt pressed for voicemail.

“Get back here, get back here, get back here.” Stuart’s voice grew in its urgency. “Charley’s on her way down.”

Yeah. If I were him? I’d be running about right now!

So tell me … has lying EVER worked on your significant other?? Share in the comments!


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