Which would you rather be? A ‘L’oser or a ‘W’inner?

On September 19, 2011 by Aimee

When my girls were little, they came up with a dinner game that we’ve now played for at least 5 years. Around the table, we sit and one of our party of 5 raises his or her hands.

Both hands.

The whole rest of the table must do the same.

The last person to raise their hands is the Loser and gets a big finger-sized ‘L’ pointed at them from an opposing forehead. Everyone in our family gets one and only one turn to start the game.

It happens randomly … with two exceptions. The moment one of my daughters takes her turn, the other follows.

My husband and I, however, like to strategize a little. We tend to catch each other off guard just enough so one of the other is in mid-bite or mid-drink and thus our hands can’t go up and we are the ultimate losers.

We then get the big ‘L’ from all three of our kids and boy do they have fun making it known that one or the other of us has lost.

It’s a game though and a fun one at that. It’s one I hope we play forever to be honest.

Now, when I opted to participate in the Bitten by Paranormal Romance blog hop, I didn’t know what to expect. A few entries into my little contest? A few extra views of my blog and about Little White Lies? Well … yup.

But I got a WHOLE lot more.

Just to show off the results …

There were 28 entries.

According to the Bitten by Paranormal Romance website, *I* was number 19 in the list. Before me and after me:

18. Riverina Romantics (US & Canada)
19. Aimee Laine (US )
20. JABELFIELDS BLOG (International )

So those were the official answers I counted.

That left 21 correct answers! Yeah!

Number 18 (Jen! aka comment number 28!) was randomly selected and gets all the goodies.

But wait! (I’m pretending to be a infomercial, can you tell?)

So while the winner will get the whole package, I’m also going to send everyone who participated a digital, custom-signed cover of Little White Lies. It’s just my way of making my game a little fun.

Yes! I’m going to send everyone who entered a custom-signed, digital cover! Be on the lookout for your email and link soon!

So that’s it for this little blog hop. If you read Little white Lies between now and December, I hope you’ll grab the Into the Unknown Anthology because inside is an extra story for Charley and Wyatt! It’s a follow on to where Little White Lies ends.

What a sneak peek? Read yesterday’s Six Sentence Sunday or the blurb from the short here:

In Misguided, Little White Lies’s Wyatt Moreland is hot on the trail of a wanted man when a rumor about his fiancΓ©e halts his progress. His desire to keep her safe wars with her need to be involved in his work and could derail their entire wedding unless he finds out the truth before she does.

So tell me … what kind of fun games do you play with your kids that bleeds into your professional or adult life?

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