What’s better than a caboose? Bob!

On September 22, 2011 by Aimee

You all know how I love stories, right? (Go ahead … say ‘duh’). Well … you see this photo … this one right below my text here has a story.

That hat is dad’s grandpa’s hat.

Use your fingers to count back the generations there (I had to!)

I just LOVE love LOVE using historical or heirloom family stuff in photographs. There’s something that those items bring out. An intrinsic happiness or love. Something that’s just so ‘feel good’ that you smile when you look at it.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Who knows … except that I highly recommend these little nuggets in your family photos. Work the in. They’ll mean the world to you one day.

Engineer Photography by Aimee Laine

Engineer Photography by Aimee Laine

Now for this one … you know that movie What about Bob? It had Bill Murray and Richard Dryfus (sp?) I believe. In any case, it was a painful movie … meaning just painful to watch, but funny. Painful in a mostly good way.

This ‘Bob’, however, has been this little kid’s best friend since BEFORE he was born. Don’t believe me? Click here … Bob the first time. So … you see … yet another ‘thing’ that has been used in photographs each time. Bob has been at every photo shoot we’ve done for this little guy. Two YEARS worth of Bob. I love Bob. He’s better than a caboose. I’m not sure he’s better than Grandpa’s caboose hat, but he’s awfully close. 🙂

Kids Photography by Aimee Laine

Kids Photography by Aimee Laine

What family heirlooms do you carry with you or use like this?

Share in the comments and feel free to forward links to awesome photos, too!