What kinds of scenes get your heart pumping? #sixsunday

On September 18, 2011 by Aimee

This …
Six Sentence Sunday
brought to you from Misguided, a short featuring Charley Randall and Wyatt Moreland from Little White Lies!

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“Question of the day,” Cael said. “If [Roy’s] after Charley, he should be following her, not us. If he’s as smart as they say, he’d know she’s with Lily at the dress shop—”

Wyatt’s blood pressure rose as his heart rate soard. He stuffed the key in the ignition, started and raced the engine.

“It’s only half a mile away,” Stuart said.

“Go!” Cael waved him forward.

I hope he reaches her in time!

What kinds of scenes get your heart pumping? Share in the comments!


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