How do we keep young adults from reading adult material? Do we?

On September 26, 2011 by Aimee

Meet Emi Gayle -- Aimee Laine's younger, skinnier, hotter alter-ego

Meet Emi Gayle -- Aimee Laine's younger, skinnier, hotter alter-ego

I’ve had an alter-ego for a while. You know … ALL superheros need one. 😉 Since I can’t confirm or deny my ability to shapeshift a la Mimics of Rune … I do have to maintain my own objectivity and … stuff. Right?

Actually, when I first started writing, I already had an alter ego (yes, Aimee Laine is a pen name, not my real name). And when I started writing Young Adult novels I added another pen name to my repertoire. Under that name, I have written 2 full novels and a 3rd and 4th are in progress.

Well … in August, I rewrote a HUGE chunk of a story called After Dark and sent it off to a few folks to read for me. Now when I do this, I’m looking for distinct feedback … some very particular feedback.

And I got it.

Ok, I started yesterday and I just finished. I really liked it a lot. I’m desperate for the sequel.

This isn’t from my Mom. This isn’t from my sister. This isn’t from a writer buddy. This is from someone in ‘the general public’ who has a book blog and reads A LOT.

THIS is the kind of feedback writers need. And with that, the motivation to press forward with After Dark came.

But my poor Emi Gayle site has pretty much been sitting unused since April and needs an overhaul. She (I mean me) needs to start gathering some attention, just like the real me (the Aimee Laine me) is. Have I confused you yet?

Well … no worries. It’ll all work out soon.

The site will relaunch November 1, 2011 with what I hope to be a huge announcement. 🙂 See? More motivation! Granted that announcement might just be “Look at me!” but it might be more. 🙂

Now you might be wondering why I have a different name for these novels?

Let’s have a look-see …

Little White Lies CoverInto The Unknown Anthology<-- This one has bad words, mild violence and sex in it. Shhhhhh.... don't tell my Mom. And this one --->
It has bad words, and while *I* didn’t write the sexy scene, yep … it’s in there. (You’re dying to know who did, now aren’t you? Well … hang tight, it’s coming December 1st!)

So you see? A dilemma. If I don’t want my own kids reading the above two … and I have my Aimee Laine name on these other books that are geared more toward my kids, how can I separate them?

Easy peasy.

Emi Gayle!

And you can find her (I mean me) on:



(You knew I was smart, but how smart am I now??) 😉

So there you have it. Emi Gayle is going to start making her presence known and hopefully soon, you’ll even have a book to read by her … I mean me.

Therein lies my question:

How do we keep young adults from reading adult material? Do we?

In my case, I’m just going to separate who I am to make sure the people who need to know … know. If you catch my drift.

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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