First Impressions: Fated Encounters by J.A. Belfield

On September 7, 2011 by Aimee
Fated Encounters by J.A. Belfield

Fated Encounters by J.A. Belfield

About the front:
Another very simple cover with clean lines and engaging colors. I love that I can’t see the faces again but I know that the woman is coming toward the man and he toward her. I’d guess, by the turn of her head, that she’s going to turn and probably miss him. So will he step up to the plate and go to her? Or is he stalking her. Uh oh. Given I am a huge fan of J.A. Belfield, I’m 100% sure if he is stalking her, it’s for good reason and it’ll all work out in the end.

With a male and female on the cover, and that kind of title, there is no doubt it’s a romance.

I get a faster pace in this one than other J.A. Belfield covers. The blurred people in the background bring out a sense that I, too, should be moving around and makes me think this will be a fast paced read. Given it’s a short, I guess it will be!

Now let’s look at what the back says:

One glimpse. That scent. There. Right there. Could it be … her?

The female within Sean Holloway’s dreams is real, and he intends to see her face even if it means hiding behind a women’s lingerie rack to do it.

With curiosity burning too hot for him to ignore, Sean turns an ordinary family errand into the chance of a lifetime only to be interrupted time and again.

In this companion piece to Darkness & Light, see Jem the way Sean saw her for the very first time.

Just how close is Sean willing to get before he’ll take fate into his own hands?

Enough to make the impossible come true … maybe.

Does it match? Front to Back without the in between?
Yes! It says he wants to see her face and yet even we can’t. Now I HAVE to know if he will succeed and see this woman. I want to know what she looks like. Will she be beautiful or have a long nose and prominent overbite? I can guess from the jeans and blonde hair, even the length of her legs that she’s pretty … but hey … who knows? Not us. Not Sean Holloway.

Definitely on my bookshelf!

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