OMG! What did I do?

On August 4, 2011 by Aimee

What did I do?

What did I do?

23 years ago today, I went after a guy.

Not a simple ‘How are you?’ and return. Blush. Be sweet and coy. Oh no. Not me.

I didn’t just blush at the action I took. Oh no. I roasted red. Why? Well, I’m not one for much patience. (A few of my friends would say I have NO patience whatsoever).



Not, mind you, because I was that kind of girl, but because the peer pressure got to me. We’re talking boiling, bubbling, bursting, over the top pressure. That’s what teens do to ya. And of course, I was one of those teens, so dealing with that didn’t come as easy.

So … you see … here is what *I* did:

Picture a 14 year old me (brown eyes, side pony tail, shorts and a sweaty t-shirt – it was 95+ degrees outside), flustered at the peer pressure and desperate to make my friends stop bugging me to just go TALK to this Senior boy.

We hadn’t talked… ever. I’d never approach … geez. I was 14! What would it look like if a girl went up to a guy … let alone a freshman to a senior.


But man, those eyes. Those crystal blues that stared at me from behind his trumpet.

And he was just sitting there on the hill … in the shade.

So, then WHY would I do it?

Refer to the above friends. And the note on my patience. And, in my case, the boy in this picture wasn’t known to make decisions fast (more on that in another post). Granted, I didn’t know that then. πŸ˜‰ But I know now.

So I have this blue-eyed trumpet player who keeps catching my eye … and apparently I’d caught his, too. It was time to do … something.

23 years ago … I took the bull by the horns, so to speak.

Up the small hill I marched, planted my feet directly in front of him, and looked down from where I stood.

β€œHi!” My voice pitched high as I said it.

I stomped one foot onto the dry ground, turned around and quick-stepped my way back down the hill.

My friends stood with wide eyes and mouths open.

β€œThere I said it!” My arms flung about me, creating a breeze that did not exist in any other form.

Then, and only then did my mother’s words run through my head. Think before you speak.

Yes … those were the first 5 words I ever said to my husband.

And 23 years later, “There, I said it.” is our little inside joke. I hear it often. It’s somewhere inside Little White Lies. πŸ˜‰ It’s a term of endearment. It’s love at its finest. At its simplest. At its most lovely.

So if my story characters have little patience and go after their guys? Well … then you know why.

More life anecdotes will come this month as I prepare to celebrate a few ‘anniversaries’ including the official one … the Pizza Hut one … the first curfew … the first drive in his car … the first … kiss? Oh, well that one, you’ll have to wait to find out about.

If you’re interested in the whole story … here are some links to how hubby and I met … 23 years ago this month.

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That’s what I did. I fell in love. How about you? Did embarrassment win you the guy?

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