First Impressions: Taming Mad Max by Theresa Ragan

On August 24, 2011 by Aimee

In this second installment of my First Impressions series, I’m looking at the Taming Mad Max cover. Click the image to go add it straight to your Goodreads shelf.

Taming Mad Max by Theresa Ragan

Taming Mad Max by Theresa Ragan

About the front:
There is a clean simplicity to this cover. It suggests, right away, that it’s a romance (yeah, the legs (both sets) give that away). There is a seductive little flirt to it, too with the hiked up skirt. I LOVE that there is no ‘man chest’ on this because those legs end right about where his zipper starts and his chest is above there. I can totally ‘picture’ it in my own mind. I mean, think about it … hot guy, laying on the floor, his chest totally uncovered, ripples of abdomen. Oh yeah, I can picture it and I like that so much more.

The hiked up knee is super sexy and cocky, too. It’s like saying ‘hey, look at me … you know you want to,’ but without the chest, we have to imagine the smug look on his face.

I love the text, too. It’s not your typical serif text, but something more fun. I imagine, by looking at this cover alone, that I’d be reading a romantic, perhaps comedic story.

I get this overarching feeling of fun and have a little ‘Sex and the City’ expectation in my mind. It makes me want to curl up with a few pillows and maybe some chocolate and get reading.

Now let’s look at the back:

Max Dutton, a starting NFL linebacker for the Los Angeles Condors, is certain he’s going to die young since his father and grandfather both passed away at an early age. Believing his life will be cut short, Max tries to live every moment to its fullest. For this reason, Max shies away from forming close relationships. What would be the point of falling in love and starting a family only to leave them as his father left him and his sisters? When Max discovers he has a thirteen-year old daughter though, it throws all his years of planning and preparation for an early death into a tailspin.

Nutrition expert, Kari Murphy, used to think Max Dutton, aka Mad Max, was to die for, but she’s older and wiser now. The last time Kari reacted with her heart instead of her brain, she conceived the thing she loves most in life…her daughter, Molly. As much as she dislikes Max Dutton for taking her declaration of love and throwing it in her face fourteen years earlier, she knows that if it wasn’t for him her life would be meaningless. And that really ticks her off, especially when she’s hired by the NFL franchise to follow Max around for a couple of weeks and give him healthy-eating advice, foolproof facts about carbohydrates and tasteful tips on cooking and shopping smart.

Kari doesn’t want to be anywhere near the man, but what choice does she have? Her career is on the line.

Does it match? Front to Back without the in between?
Totally added this one to my shelf. Yep. Absolutely. I wanna read it.

Will you add it to your bookshelf virtual or otherwise? Share in the comments!

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