First Impressions: It’s In His Kiss by Caitie Quinn

On August 31, 2011 by Aimee
It's In His Kiss by Caitie Quinn

It's In His Kiss by Caitie Quinn

About the front:
What a view! Photographically speaking, we tend to look at book covers as if on the same visual plane with them. That means we look at them as if we’re watching a tv … each facing the other. However, on his particular cover, the view is from above! What a unique spot! I love the neutral colors, the blues and browns that coordinate into the title.

There are so many fonts on covers and the ‘fancier’ the harder it is to read, but this one has really caught my eye. It’s scripty, but it’s clear. I love that the KISS is the focus and I’m wondering if that’s exactly what the people are doing since their heads are ‘missing’ (for lack of a better description).

The fact that the people’s faces aren’t seen is great! We can imagine what they are ‘doing’ with their torso’s and above hidden ‘off camera’. It’s organized so that the widest area of emptiness gets the title and nothing important is covered.

When I look at this, I immediately think sweet romance … something youthful and comfortable. I want to sit on a porch rocker with this one and enjoy the breeze and sunshine, listen to my kids play and just read.

Now let’s look at what the back says:

Jenna’s been letting life pass her by as she works on her career. But, when she needs to do some research of this kissing kind, things may get a little more heated than she expected.
Research has never been so fun.

WARNING: This 10k short has no vampires, shape shifter or scorching sex, but it might make you snort your diet Coke out your nose.

Does it match? Front to Back without the in between?
Well, the blurb doesn’t match the cover, in my opinion. Research? Is that what she’s doing on the couch? I’d assume then that’s with someone she’s already very comfortable with since they are already so snuggly on that couch.

That’s not going to stop me from picking this one up (though I can’t find a Goodreads link) because of the WARNING. That right there tells me to expect some laughs and at a time when I want to laugh, a good 10k short is just what I need!

Will you add it to your bookshelf virtual or otherwise? Share in the comments!

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