Top 5 reasons to attend a book launch party!

On July 11, 2011 by Aimee

1. Your paperback becomes an immediate collector’s item, worth at least $.01 more on eBay than when you bought it.

2. The word ‘whine’ drops an ‘h’ and isn’t a typo!

3. The book will be read TO you (okay … just a portion of it, but still!)

4. You’ll get your picture taken with a real-live author! (It would be kinda gross if I were dead, right?)

5. It’s the one place where you can say you ate a book and people won’t look at you funny!

And one final one for the author …

With so many people around, most of them women, they all had cameras and the author can get a half-decent photo of her family, too! (Yep, this is my crew. The party of five.)

Thank you so much to those who attended last Friday!

Little White Lies by Aimee Laine

Aimee Laine is the author of Little White Lies, a paranormal romance.

For Charley Randall, time is her greatest enemy. Wyatt Moreland’s love is her ultimate reward.

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