This one’s for the boys: 10 ways to win a woman’s heart

On July 21, 2011 by Aimee

How to win a woman's LoveAnd oh yes, it’s by reading romance novels.

Since all you men out there โ€” okay, not ALL you men โ€” if you’re reading this and you read romance novels, raise your hand.


And thus my point is made.

Did you know though, that the hunkiest guys in romance novels win the girls not because of their big-a$$ed muscles or their ability to lift them up with one hand. It’s not because they have loads of money or drive the latest Ferrari. Nope. NONE of those things. It’s not material stuff that win’s a woman’s heart.

It’s heart that wins a woman’s heart.

How do I know?

First, let me take you to a Man’s perspective, to the Epic Black Car blog wit this article: Romance novelists are secret, epic army of man boosters

And now for my take … since I’m a woman and all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What percent of writers of romance are women?

Come on … guess.




And do the guys always win their girls?

(Come on boys, the answer to that one is ALWAYS yes.) And … why do the romance novel heros always get their girl?

This might take some thought … (hint: because a true romance novel has a happily ever after.)

We women want our guys and girls to get together, so we women writers make sure they can by creating the perfect, flawed, but unadulterated man for our perfect, flawed, wonderful women characters! (Caveat:ย we don’t make it easy for them to get together, but have clearly laid out the points on how to do it.)

Don’t believe me? Let’s take 10 romance novels and prove it. What do women see? What can men DO to win over their women’s hearts?

10 stories.
10 men.
One line per story.
They all won.
Now you can, too.

Wyatt Moreland says, never give up.
โ€œI have loved you since the day I met you. And not some stupid high-school love everyone knows is fleeting. A love so deep-down painful, I never thought Iโ€™d find a way to make it go away. Everything I have done for nearly sixteen years has been because of that.โ€
Trace Coburn says, show empathy.
โ€œIt would be dumb for me to contradict you, but I want to go on record as the guy who loves every inch of you, no matter the external appearance. That doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m not worried as all hell about the stress.โ€
Chad Masters, Earl of Gilchrest says, be strong.
โ€œHush now. No more tears, Nicole. We will work this out,โ€ he promised, stroking her back. โ€œIโ€™m your protector now, and Iโ€™ll see you safely out of London.โ€
Little White Lies by Aimee Laine The Knowing by L.J. Charles Slightly Tarnished by Lilly Gayle
Sean Holloway says, be sincere.
“I’ll happily carry you to bed every night of the week if it means you’ll be with me when I close my eyes.”
Lord Ben Doreรฉ says, be charming.
โ€œYou might have had anyone you wanted,โ€ she said upon a sigh.
โ€œI wanted you.โ€
โ€œI was no one.โ€
โ€œYou were beautiful. Your smile, your laughter, the words upon your tongue.โ€
โ€œYour eyes and glance,โ€ he murmured above her lips. โ€œYour touch.โ€
Quinn Dawson says, be encouraging
โ€œThereโ€™s nothing in the world like gliding on the ice. Trust me?โ€ Quinn asked. He stepped onto the ice and held out his hand. โ€œCome on, Hellon. Just try it.โ€
Darkness & Light by J.A. Belfield In the Arms of a Marquess Icing on the Cake by Becky Moore
Sam Newton says no regrets … ever.
He fought the urge to snatch her up and escape. And the need to apologize overwhelmed him, but he wrestled the words back. He wasnโ€™t sorry for getting involved with her. A fool he may be, but he wasnโ€™t ever going to regret loving her. He wrapped his arms around her tighter. โ€œI love you.โ€
Elliot Anderson says accept a weakness.
“My biggest flaw?โ€ He gazed at Lexie, as if she should know. โ€œI loved you too much. I loved you too much.โ€
Zach Michaels says be direct.
โ€œCan I get you some wine?โ€ I asked. He gazed at our hands intertwined and smiled for a long minute. โ€œNo,โ€ he said. โ€œIโ€™ve already had wine with you. I want more of this.โ€ He placed a finger under my chin and raised my lips to his.
Don't Let It Show by Tess St. John Waiting on Hope by T.M. Souders Flirts by Lisa Scott
Nick Bancroft says be truthful.
โ€œThatโ€™s right, it wonโ€™t be perfect. Weโ€™ll fight. Weโ€™ll argue. Sometimes Iโ€™ll really piss you off. Youโ€™ll get sick of me leaving my socks on the floor and Iโ€™ll get tired of you leaving the cap off the toothpaste, but right now what Iโ€™m asking for is a little faith. Iโ€™m asking you to believe that you and I are meant to be together. I know itโ€™s true, and deep in your heart, you know it, too. Youโ€™ve known it all along.”
No Cure for the Broken Hearted by Kenneth Rosenberg

Now don’t you think you should read a romance novel? I mean, the last one was even written by one of your own kind. Male.

Happy reading!

Little White Lies by Aimee Laine

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