{Author interview} Deanna Proach, Day of Revenge

On May 16, 2011 by Aimee
Day of Revenge Front Cover

Day of Revenge by Deanna Proach

I’ve followed Deanna Proach from the Absolute Write Forum where we “met”. I quote that because I’ve never actually met her, though I have talked to her on the phone. πŸ™‚ Her book, Day of Revenge went to print in September 2010, and she even got a very positive Publisher’s Weekly review out of it! Here is where I insert my fist pumping and a huge ‘You Go Girl!” sign.

Just who is this girl that snagged such a lucrative review?

When I’m not writing, I’m acting. I’m a member of the Driftwood Players Story Theatre Troupe. We performed a number of short fairy tales at several festivals in my local community. Between Story Theatre seasons, I performed the leading female character, Helga, in ‘A Bedfull of Foreigners’, a British Farce put on as dinner theatre by the Peninsula Players.

And what’s she all about? Here’s a quick Q&A with Deanna that she and I had about her book, publishing (the way she did it) and well … her book. πŸ™‚

Step 1, let’s read what her book is all about…

It’s 1793, and the onset of the Reign Of Terror has sparked the winds of revolution – which begin to blow hard across the French populace. Sensing the growing unrest, the hard-boiled Captain Samuel La Font digs in his heels, determined to repel the best efforts of the revolutionaries and preserve the established order of his beloved home country; however, as the war suddenly takes an unexpected turn, La Font is forced to contend with a grave, sobering new reality: either flee with his family and friends with his life, or die defending the quickly fading Old World order he’s sworn to protect…

You write about the French revolution. I only have a small tie to that in that my name is French (see how this really is all about me?). Doesn’t writing about something so old require research out the wazoo?

I’ve wanted to write a novel set in revolutionary France since I was a teenager. What particularly struck me about the French Revolution was the infamous guillotine. {Insert anecdotal interviewer comment: ouch!}

If you ask me why such a gruesome killing machine would intrigue me so much, I honestly could not give you an answer. {Insert another comment: Because it’s a nasty way to die?} However, there is much more to the revolution than the guillotine. {And another: I’ll bet the people having their heads severed didn’t think that.}

Several times in the past, I’ve found myself laying awake at night, pondering about how the French people coped in such a hostile environment. How did they survive, and what did they do to avoid the dreaded trip to the guillotine. {I’m starting to wonder now!}

My research was very casual, meaning that it was done in my spare time. I read articles online, but mostly read books based on the French Revolution. I even wrote an article about the Reign of Terror in France in an introductory history class at University.

Enough about the guillotine. It’s giving me the creeps. Let’s talk publishing. You opted to go through a small publisher. What pushed you in that direction? For your next book, which I see you’re writing … will you do the same or choose another model altogether?

I opted to sign with a small publisher because I didn’t want to wait for more rejection forms to fill my email box. I spent the first quarter of 2010 querying agents and publishers with no luck and by spring, my patience had run out. {I think we can all understand that.}

I wanted to get ‘Day of Revenge’ published, and I didn’t want to wait any longer. I struck up a good business relationship with the acquisitions editor. Overall, I had a really good feeling about Inkwater Press. So, I listened to my intuition.

Regarding ‘To be Maria’ (My second novel and a suspense set in contemporary Kelowna, B.C., Canada.) that is still to be decided. Right now, my focus is on completing the writing of the book and in promoting Day of Revenge at the same time.

Ah. Promotion. The bane of some writer’s existences. What’s been your favorite marketing activity to-date?

Internet radio interviews are my favorite marketing activity. I love being able to speak on air
about ‘Day of Revenge’. My second favorite marketing activity is connecting with other professionals and building relationships. I realize that, in this world, some fizzle out really quickly, but I firmly believe that some will evolve into a lasting friendship. I’m a people person, and I also love helping people. So, whenever I meet someone online, I will figure out ways I can help that person succeed in turn for the help they provide me. I find so much satisfaction in that.

Now, let’s switch gears. What’s been your least favorite activity — and you can’t say there isn’t one. There’s always one.

My least favorite marketing activity is the research, the finding of various channels online to
promote Day of Revenge. I spent all winter doing just that. Searching, searching, searching. I’m a very impatient person. {Aren’t we all, really?}

When I want to get things going, I want to get them going now! So, the patience and the hard work of internet research was an uphill battle. But, I finally reached the top of the hill and won. I’ve connected with some very interesting people and have had luck in gaining some great opportunities as of late–interview with Nanci on the PAC show and an interview with Don on the Author’s Show.

I can now kick back, relax a little and complete the writing of ‘To be Maria’ without having to worry much about not having enough publicity for ‘Day of Revenge’.

Alrighty then, enough about business. Let’s talk about your main character. Get into his head for a moment and let him give a piece of advice to your readers. What would he say?

Well, there are two main characters in ‘Day of Revenge’–Samuel La Font and Emmanuel d’LeVasque. Samuel would say, “There is a time for war and there is a time for peace. But, when a tyrannical leader slaughters my people mercilessly, it is time to fight back. There will be bloodshed? It is necessary. And it is just. If ever you find yourself in this situation, you must rise up and restore what has been lost. But, I pray that you never have to suffer what we had to suffer.” {Good advice, though I’m with him on the ‘never having to suffer this fate.’}

Emmanuel would say, “I believe that, no matter how horrible life is, you can still love someone with all your heart and soul. Cherish your family and your friends because they may not outlive you.” {Oooh! Wise words! Thank you, Emmanuel!}

Dying to check out Day of Revenge? You can buy it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Inkwater Books. Learn more about Deanna on her website or Facebook.