5 things I learned from reading Romance …

On May 26, 2011 by Aimee

Romance is about romance.

Romance is about romance.

If romance novels don’t equate to sex, what do they have? Why would anyone want to read them?

Um … well … for the same reason one would read any other novel? For the plot, tension, conflict, characters, scenery, emotion, excitement, [Insert other element here], and all those other reasons. What could I (or anyone else for that matter) glean from reading romance?

5. How to get my groove on …
Did you think this was going to be a simple list filled with philosophical aha! moments? Oh, no. Not in the least. If you’ve never read a sex scene in a romance novel … well … you should. They’re way better than those books we (females) got in the 6th grade about sex. 😉 Romance novelists have some of the most unique methods of describing intimacy. Why? Well, think about it. Insert tab A into slot B is pretty mundane. If sex is included in the story, it’s gotta be creative. Sure there are the scenes that just go way over the top, but you know what these scenes do in general? They show off the emotional side of the character in a moment of pure ecstasy at that doesn’t always mean sexually — intimacy is different.

4. Monogamy rules!
What? Did you think that teenage sex was on the rise and promiscuity was, too? Yeah? Well, did you know that in a romance novel (If it is a true romance as defined by the RWA) the relationship is between TWO people (2 does not equal 3 or 4 or more). Who’d ever have thought it? 😉 Sure, sure, there are plenty of ‘menage’ books out there (sorry, those just aren’t my cup of tea). I love thinking about two people finding each other and being together forever. Think that’s unrealistic? That’s too bad. I have my own 23 year relationship to prove it otherwise … and I’m not the only one. Yes, there are people out there that stick to their partners through thick and thin (ha! pun intended).

3. Love at first sight exists
Everyone who knows me knows I already believe this. I like reading about it too. Now, don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean the story’s going to be a bed of roses (or carnations, poppies, sunflowers — whatever your preference). It means two people can connect, across a room, and know there is chemistry. Don’t believe me? You can read My Teenage Love Story (a short in three parts) if you want. And yes, it’s all true. And yes, it’s about me. See? It’s not just me that finds love at first sight.

2. Life sucks, but problems don’t mean people quit
Okay, maybe this is getting a little philosophical. 😉 In romance, the whole idea is getting two characters to a Happily Ever After, right? That means, that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, they will be together. So when they go bankrupt, have a fight, their houses burn to the ground, their family is kidnapped, they have medical issues, they get ugly, or fat or each cheese puffs all day long … the two people are going to love each other. Note, I didn’t say ‘like each other’ — that’s a whole ‘nother post. It means they work at their relationship to make it happen.

1. I have one less issue than the main characters
Sure, the guy has a six-pack, great biceps and a massive … bank account (what did you think I was going to say?) but he’s got at least one problem. Sure, she has the figure of Barbie and the wits of [Pick someone really smart] and can bake cookies, too, but she’s got at least one problem I don’t have. He and She haven’t yet figure out how to BE together. I have. 23 years and counting, baby. Yup … I may have rolls and wrinkles and some flab here and there. He may have love handles a 1-pack and a non massive … bank account (again, WHAT did you think I was going to say?) but we have each other.

And that is what I get from romance. From the opening to the closing of the book … it reconfirms my connection with my hubby (who, mind you does NOT meet that description above and if he reads this ::I love you!:: ).

What do you get from romance novels? Share! (Or spill your most intimate secrets. Either one, I’m game.) 😉