A change of plans …

On February 21, 2011 by Aimee

At the end of 2010, I set a goal for myself. No, wait. I set a bunch of goals for myself. Namely, or perhaps numerically, I set five, goals. Yet, now, I find myself with my thoughts scattered and the pieces of my orderly life hitting all sorts of crazy places, except my targets … yet.

The first three, were to write three YA novels, starting with After Dark, under my Emi Gayle pen name.

The second two goals, were to write two adult novels for myself.

Well … due to work, life, stuff, priorities, needs, wants, muse, etc. my plan isn’t going as fast as I’d expected, and I think I’m going to have to alter what I’d originally thought to something else. Here is my new ‘plan’:

o Write one book per quarter. This will limit me to four of which I have:
– After Dark, Day After, Darkest day — these are my currently in-progress Emi Gayle stories
– Surrender — this is a follow on to Little White Lies
– Truth or Dare — this is a follow on to First Kiss(es) <– this one I am bumping to 2012 for now, or I might sneak it in if the rest are done of if I need a break in the trilogy (which I might).
o Finish out an anthology project I am working on with a friend (12 short stories! — 6 left to go!)
o Write and submit two magazine pieces (they are waiting for me, and I’ve delayed)
o Publish Little White Lies (I have two options pending on that one)
o Publish Hide and Seek (I have an option pending on that one)

So, as you can see, not only did my goals list NOT shrink, except by one potential NEW novel, it grew to encompass some significant work on two existing novels.

Once I know if Hide and Seek went anywhere with the ABNA contest, I’ll know what (if anything) I can do with that manuscript.

Once 2/28 passes, I’ll know (hopefully) what will happen with Little White Lies.

It seems like a never ending cycle of waiting … and I’m not a good ‘wait-ER’. If nothing else, writing has given me a big hefty dose of patience-learning (though I’m pretty sure that’s not an actual activity).

So, my plans have changed as we ride into the end of February 2011. Have yours?