Where I write best…

On January 3, 2011 by Aimee

Writers talk about being able to write anywhere, or in one and one one way. I can write in many places, with many interruptions and distractions if my muse is talking to me.

But (yes, there is a but) …

I can write better, am more productive and get 1000s of words out in a short amount of time when I write … right … here:

Aimee's Writing Nook

Aimee's Writing Nook

This is the couch in my sitting room which doubles as my office. From the angle I’m taking this photograph, you see my couch, my light source and what else?


No desk.

No table.

No paper.

No phone.

Just me and my 15″ 5-year old Apple Macbook Pro (laptop). I sit with my feet propped in a chair, my laptop on my lap, a Snuggie if I’m cold, blanketless if not. Yes, yes, sometimes, my phone ends up next to me as does my Kindle.

In this little place, I find a complete and absolute ability to place my thoughts onto story, to create and to build.

I have tried other places. I have been successful with them.

When I sit here, close the door, block out interruptions and focus on my story? Boy can I accomplish my goals. I have written a thousand words in a mere 10 minutes. That doesn’t happen often, but it means I am one with my story, my muse, my creation. I do it all best, right here on this little couch in a corner of my home, when the light is beautiful outside.

When it’s nighttime? Well … I’m not as productive, but I can be with my little side lamp, but as any professional photographer knows … natural light is best. πŸ˜‰

Where do you write? Show us … give us a link to your blog and share the space that brings your stories to life!