Hide & Seek is in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

On January 24, 2011 by Aimee

Yup, yup, yup, I have used up valuable writing time to submit my novel to Amazon’s big annual contest. What are my chances? 1 in 5000. Yep. *1* in 5000. But, wait! Doesn’t that mean *1* also has to win? Why, yes, yes, yes it does. Someone has to win. Someone gets to win. Someone gets a publishing contract.

Will it be me?

It could be.

People win the lottery every day and their chances were 1 in 1,234,567,789 or something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

What I have in my favor:

  • Hide and Seek is one of my favorite stories so far.
  • It has been read by five writers who all provided fantastic input
  • It has a shelf life of over 6 months (meaning it’s had time to simmer)
  • It had a major overhaul of flawed sections in that time
  • My pitch and sample pages were edited with a fine toothed comb … by someone else.
  • Did I say one of my readers says THIS ONE is her favorite?

No matter what happens, it’s a good experience because it forced me to put the manuscript through some more editing, more thought and more effort and made it even better than it was before. I’m happy about that because I do love it so.

Now, I’m not going to share the manuscript or any sample pages with you … yet … but if you haven’t read anything about this novel (from my previous posts) here is the ‘pitch’ or ‘blurb’ — the thing you might find on the back of a book.

You tell me … worth a read or no?

Hide and Seek
Lexi Shepherd and Tripp Fox have more than a psychotic godโ€™s riddle to solve if they are to make an impossible relationship work.

In a fit of whimsy, or perhaps insanity, the Greek god Zeus transferred traces of most peculiar gifts into Lexi and Tripp. Into one, he placed the ability to always catch her prey and the other, the equivalent, but opposite, talent to never get caught. Together, the gifts are known as the โ€˜ultimate paradox,โ€™ and should ensure the two never meet, let alone fall in love.

In HIDE AND SEEK, Lexi and Tripp do both, but Lexiโ€™s inability to accept how Tripp uses his gift may be a bigger problem than the one Zeus placed in their lives. To her, a man who can cheat, lie, steal and get away with it, breaches her personal, ethical boundaries.

Tripp, however, believes a man who can do anything may also choose the opposite. To prove himself to Lexi, he finds the solution to the paradox and takes steps to solve it. Lexi, though, remains unconvinced. To best Zeus at his own game, she must accept Trippโ€™s offer or their predetermined fate will tear them apart.

Wish me luck and to all those who are entering, I wish it to you, too!