::Writing:: Getting known BEFORE the book….

On November 1, 2010 by Aimee

Google this phrase : ‘getting known before the book deal’ and you will find LOADS of commentary on how and why it is important as well as what the activity does for you as a writer.

I say that goes for any independent career, such as writing, photographer, painting, sculpting — anything artistic. It goes for any career on which you wish to be an ‘expert’ as well … able to spout off great things about a topic (no matter what that topic is).

Now for me, I’ve already spent a number of years building up a ‘list’ of folks … though they follow my photography pursuits. I am slowly transitioning them to both photography and writing, by way of my subtle (or not so subtle) inclusion of writing related mumbo-jumbo in my newsletters and emails. Sneaky, sneaky, I say.

Well … one of the things we don’t really know is if this is working? Are we really building up readership? A platform? Are we finding people are watching us/hearing about us?

They are!

How do I know this?

I got stopped one day in Target. With my girls with my and my cart full, a woman walked over to me and asked me if I was Aimee Laine. I said yes. I thought she meant as a photographer (which is my name there, too) and she said she’d seen some stuff I’d written in the newspaper and saw my picture when she tracked me back to my website, etc. Um … wow?

Well … that was a loooooooooong time ago and I figured it would just lie dormant.

Well my Dad called me just yesterday to tell me he did not win a million dollars on his casino cruise, but ran into an old softball player friend of mine from my school years (think 5th grade through 12th).

They got to chatting, she asked how my writing was going and then introduced he and my Mom to someone she was with. Now here is the best part.

According to my Dad … he said his name and this old friend said … “Oh! The writer?”


I have arrived. 🙂 Don’tcha love it??

I do! I’m sure it can get soooooooooo much better, but honestly? That people are recognizing my name means a whole lot to me. That they see the ‘me’ who is the writer and the photographer and the workerbee and the mother … they see it all and I love that.

What does this mean for getting known? Right now my exploits are limited to this blog, The Emi J. Gayle blog, Facebook and Twitter. These folks have reconnected, found out about what I do through these means, not because I see them regularly … I don’t!

What does this mean for you? Get out there. Every post is an opportunity to find a new follower. Every Tweet is an opportunity to show off personality. Connect with old friends on Facebook and connect to their friends. Take the time to market yourself now so that when you do get that book deal … getting a purchase is as simple as saying ‘please’.


Have you been ‘recognized’ for your work despite hiding behind the persona of the Internet? Share!