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On October 22, 2010 by Aimee

Now where did your mind go? 😉

I was going to say … What is it about those male characters in books that makes you want to fawn over them?

I’ve often wondered what makes me fall in love with a character. I don’t always ‘fall in love’ with the female main characters, but I find some male characters … I just can’t let go.

What is it about these guys? Did the writer describe them in such a way that their faces stick in my head? Did they do something in the story that I wish my guy would do? Do they have a profession I wish I could have? Do they fight dirty or not at all?

What is it already? What?

I’ll tell ya.

At least, I’ll tell ya what I figured out for me, as my answer may be different than yours. Now that I’ve seen it, I really see it.

It hit me while reading a fellow writer’s manuscript. The first run-through of the story, I totally and completely fell in love with main male character. I even said he ranked right up there with my all-time favorite male character: Roarke from J.D. Robb’s In Death series. Now my writer-friend got all giddy at this because she too is enamored with Roarke.

That led me to wonder what it is about her character I loved so much.

Well, I then read her rewrites — loved the male main character even more.


My curiosity piqued, I put thought into my own characters…

Ryan from A Gift of Sight (trunked) …. compassionate, caring, helpful, big, brawny, kind (Alpha male in Beta male body)
Wyatt from Little White Lies … take-charge, loving, willing to accept the oddities in life, uber-kind (Alpha/Beta male)
Aaron from Mystic Therapy … a little goofy, a little flaky, a lot in love with his female counterpart (Beta/Alpha male)
Tripp from Hide & Seek … hot. Hot. hot. Hot and puts his girl first (Alpha male in Alpha male body … but the Beta is there)
Rion from Do Over … oh so freakin’ sweet, his girl is #1 over his own needs and wants, ultra-kind (Beta male 100%)

My friend’s guy? He’s an Alpha male with Beta male tendencies.

Roarke in JD Robb’s series? Alpha male (totally) with fantastic Beta male tendencies.

I do not connect with a guy-knows-all philosophy — a 100% Alpha male. I connect with the guys who show both sides.

Then, I looked a little further …

Roarke: works side by side with his wife though their lives are very ‘separate’ too
My writer-friend’s male: works side by side with his life’s counterpart — they are true partners
Tripp: He’s just too hot not to love. And he’s more in love with his girl than she is him.
Rion: (he’s my all-time favorite of my male characters) … is a 99% match to my husband.

Ooh … a revelation? The guys I connect with most are like my hubby. Yup. They are the guys who can be the Alpha when they need to be, the Beta when I need them to be, and they show both sides of their personality at multiple points during the story. They can work side by side with their story’s matched pair as well as be independent. These guys hurt as much as the girls do. They love with passion and they show it … they don’t keep their feelings hidden, wondering if the girl will do something first.

I love these guys. I write these guys. My beta readers often say they connect withy my guys more than my girls … and I think that’s because these guys love their girls so deep down they can’t help but show it.

Those are the guys I connect with. Those are the guys I love to read about. Those are the guys who sit in my head and make me want to read more about them.

You? What kind of male character keeps you enthralled?

9 Responses to “::Writing:: What is it about those male …”

  • The fit ones with loadsa energy Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! 😉

    On a more serious note: The fit ones with loadsa energy. Hhahahahahahahha 😉

    Okay, serious now: I like them to be dominant, but with an element of respect, which means they have the ability to take a step back, admit when they’re in the wrong, understand when their woman knows better than them ….. and they HAVE TO wear their heart on their sleeve, have more emotion than a pea, and be willing to do ANYTHING to protect the one they love 🙂 See? I can give sensible answers, too 😉

  • I like mine to have the upper hand over the heroine but not in a brute strength or bossy/domineering way…usually it’s because they are wiser, more patient, more politically correct or savvy, something like that. But not so superior that his lady doesn’t ever get the upper hand…she does, her fair share of the time and he’s pleasantly surprised and proud. But he can also nail a threat or rival with a wicked left jab, right cross, 1-2. So alpha/beta combo.

  • I think Julie’s mind is in the gutter. 😉 hahahah! Oh, wait .. wahahahaha!

    Claire — all your guys are EXACTLY like that! I just went through them in my head … Donovan … oh yeah … total Alpha. John … yes … but he’s the CLOSEST to the men *I* love which is probably why I read through the PURE SO fast because he had me hung on him! LOL Colin is very much Alpha -Alpha-Alpha with a hint of beta. 😉 LOL

  • I live in the gutter. Did I forget to mention that? wahahaha 😉

    But I cannot believe I missed the opportunity to self-plug on here. Where was my head at?
    Because I *know* said writer friend you refer to is me ;), just as I *know* said writer friend’s male mc you refer to is none other than Mr Sean Holloway 😉

    I have to agree with you: he ticks every box. He’s strong (physically, mentally, emotionally). He’s hot. Energetic (wahaha). He’s caring, understanding. Independent, yet attached. Consumed by his love for his woman. Will go to the ends of the earth to have her/be with her. Knows when to push aside his macho BS and hand her the reins. AND ………… he growls (<<THE most important factor–wahahaha) 😉

  • Yes, you DO know that. 🙂 Ha! I didn’t want to give away all your goodies, but I coulda written “Sean!” all through this post. LOL Hahahaha!

    OMG! Yes … he growls. Wait ’til I write James’ story. 😉 LOL You see a lot of Sean in James, don’t ya. 😉

  • OMG! You’re right. Is that why I have a *thing* for James, d’ya think? Gotta love a man who growls 😉

  • I think. Yes. 🙂 LOL

  • Fun post, Aimee!

    I’m going to add sense of humor to this. No matter how hot/strong/virile a male lead is, if he’s a stick in the mud, I’m done. I also like the hidden heroes, the guy who appears to be a silent, scarred thug but always come through for the heroine. Sigh…

  • Oh yeah, absolutely … humor!! Add that in. 🙂 🙂