::Writing:: The stories that just don’t make the cut …

On October 27, 2010 by Aimee

We as authors are rejected for many reasons … writing skill, storyline … what have you. Then we get mad or irritated that someone doesn’t love our story as much as we love it.

Well … shouldn’t our muses get mad at us for ditching them? What I mean is, I have a stack of stories that went nowhere despite my intention to write them. They just kinda … died. Some died a slow painful death and others a very quick one.

What makes one story better than another to us? The same applies 1000x over to agents and editors and publishers. They get all the stories that did make our cut … and many which probably should have been cut.

For me … I have the stories below … that I will likely (I say likely, though one never knows….) never pick back up again. Why? Because after getting started, I just found they didn’t suit me. Yes, in fact, it wasn’t the right story for me — the same words I’ve gotten many times from agents in the querying process. 🙂

o Two for Tuesday — stopped at 51,948 words and trunked (aka never to be revisited)
o Grace’s Gift — stopped at 2,430 words (turned into Little White Lies) 🙂
o Over My Shoulder — stopped at 7,198 words (YA story, but I won’t start as Emi J. Gayle)
o Late Bloomers — stopped at 33,792 words (my 2nd foray into vamps/weres and probably will never touch again)
o Good Luck Charm — stopped at 18,195 words (may revisit — got side tracked with Do Over as I was writing this one)

What does this mean? Where am I going with this?

What if I’d pushed through all those crap-stories and submitted them? I, at least, see why the slush pile on agent’s desks are so high. Even we authors/writers/whatever-we-ares reject our own stories … sometimes.

To spin this to the positive … none of this was wasted time. It was learning time. Time for me to figure out how I like to write, what makes my writing style unique to me … to test out ideas and to practice, practice, practice.

So those stories will forever be a part of my head. The time I gave them helped me grow and for that alone, I’m glad I wrote them.

What have you cut from your list? Do you regret it? Did you sub them out and wish you hadn’t?