Sneak peek into Hide & Seek

On September 28, 2010 by Aimee

I’m submitting the first 178 words of Hide & Seek into the Dear Lucky Agent Contest for Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. 🙂 Yes, yes, that’s what I write.

25-word summary …
Created as antagonists, Lexi Shepherd and Tripp Fox must reconcile their mythological nature with their human desires to permit a love they shouldn’t even share.

The opening 178 words … (and yes, that is all you will get — I now, I am such a tease!)

The strand of empty coastline stretched for miles before Lexi Shepherd. Her hair whipped around, slapped at her face. She kicked up clumps of sand as she ran, barefoot, at the surf’s edge. Private deck and promenade lights created a line of white dots, while the moon guided her with a stream of ethereal illumination. Certain no one followed her, she slowed her pace.

The ocean’s roar reverberated as waves crashed and disappeared at her feet, sent sea spray into the air. As drenched as a sea rat, Lexi leaned against the support from an overhead pier.

“Do you have it?” His voice came from nowhere as the wind blew the scent of coffee and tobacco her way.

Lexi withheld a gasp but not the shiver that ran the length of her body. She turned to find the man within the darkness of the structure, a spot of light highlighted his form.

“Of course.” She masked nerves with the voice of confidence and an added touch of sarcasm. “Did you doubt my abilities?” That would be a first.

Now you tell me .. would you read on?