Writing :: Finished Novel #4

On July 12, 2010 by Aimee

Yes indeedy, I finished my fourth novel. Granted it’s 1st draft quality and will require much editing, as they always do, but to finish is a great accomplishment, one I am both grateful to get to do and excited about.

This one, called Hide and Seek is, of course, my new favorite. I finished at 99,156 words which in page-count (like the size of a paperback that you’d buy from Target?) is about 397 pages. Yes, that will be cut down in editing, but it all had to be written to be edited.

When I look back on what I’ve learned in the course of writing, it’s tremendous. I can’t thank my friends enough for their constructive criticism that pushed me to better writing and better storytelling. Without them, I’d have done the same thing over and over, but I don’t anymore and that makes my 1st drafts closer to 2nd drafts in much needed 3rd and 4th draft formats. 😉

Where to now? Novel #5 of course. When I started writing last May I thought I’d come up with one story and that would be it. Apparently, my head is full. So while Lexi and Tripp have reached their romantic end (and let me say that the end of Hide and Seek is my ultimate favorite to-date) Cassie and Zach need to get back moving. They’re sitting waiting for me to pull them from a really bad dinner date. 🙂

Where are you with your writing? What accomplishments have you reached today?

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