Want to win a 1 carat diamond?

On May 11, 2010 by Aimee

A shout out and good luck to a debut author, Stephen Parrish who’s book The Tavernier Stones came out May 1st!!

Here is is brief, provided to me directly by him. 🙂
“As the legend goes, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a seventeenth-century explorer and trader, was robbed of a small fortune in precious gems that remain unaccounted for to this day. Using this intriguing premise as a jumping-off point, Parrish, a cartographer and gemologist, fashions an enjoyable thriller in which a cartographer and a rather disreputable gemologist join forces to solve the mystery of the fabled Tavernier stones. The author clearly knows his subject—the details about map-making and gemology ring true—and even better, he knows how to tell a good story. His odd-couple protagonists (John Graf, the Amish cartographer, and David Freeman, the gemologist and jewel thief) make an interesting pair of heroes, and their jaunty relationship gives the novel an agreeable, lighthearted feel. The story itself, which involves a race against time to find the stones, is intricate without being annoyingly elaborate. This is a quite good first novel that, one hopes, will launch a series of Graf-Freeman adventures.”

To add on to his new cool book (which I will be getting and reading as soon as I’m done with my current one), he’s giving away a 1 carat diamond … *if* you can find it.

So check out the treasure hunt and of course … get the book!