Finished! Mystic Therapy is done!

On May 7, 2010 by Aimee

I started it March 6, 2010. I finished the first draft today, May 7, 2010. Two months, in between work, family, life, birthdays, Easter, the birth of my niece and general life!

With the last word written, it closed in at 97,050 words for good romance.

Chapters 1-10 have already gone through a series of edits, thanks to some good writer friends and I already know I have to tweak a few things that I forgot as I brought the story to its conclusion. 🙂 But that’s all part of the work.

And to my friend on the West Coast … Morgan and Aaron are ready to make a trip to meet her favorite phone client!! 🙂

With the completion of this novel, I have the following under my belt in ONE YEAR …
o 3 complete novels
o Six published articles
o Three articles pending publication

and an estimated word count … from writing alone (not the writing for my photography business) of over 500,000 words!!!