Oh a happy day … :)

On March 18, 2010 by Aimee

Some days start off with clouds and end with sunshine, no matter the time. That was my day today. 🙂 To the unknowing, this will seem like a piddly excuse for sun … but those that understand? They’ll get it 100%.

I’ve been querying my manuscript …
Definition : querying : to send off a ridiculously difficult-to-write letter to literary agents in the cross-your-fingers-hope they see your 100,000 word story within about 300 words and want to learn more about you.

a bit
Definition: The time in which a writer bites her nails and checks email 8000 times in the hopes that the email query letter (see above) actually made it through spam filters and into the inbox of an agent and the agent responds with something …

and then today …
Definition : Thursday, March 18, 2010 which just so happens to be 2 days after my birthday … and I just so happened to SEND this query ON my birthday …

I got an email which read …
“Sounds intriguing! Please send me the first 30 pages + synopsis + SASE at my address below. I look forward to reading your material.”

What does this mean?
Nothing and Everything! It means all the work Ron and I did on that letter worked and now I have to prove my stuff!

As of today, I have sent those first 30 pages (which happens to end right smack in the middle of a chapter) and the synopsis and the SASE via USPS, priority mail (not taking any chances with First Class).

Of course now I have to wait again but it’s SO very exciting just to have been asked. That is step … 7 in my count …

1 Write manuscript
2 Edit manuscript
3 Write synopsis
4 Write query letter
5 Research agents
6 Send to agent(s)
7 …. agent asks for more …
8 ??

Guess you’ll have to wait and see what 8 is. 🙂