“I get it from my kids”

On March 14, 2010 by Aimee

That’s an old saying that my Dad used to use when he needed to push “blame” for something he’d done on the fact that we kids had been the influence. 😉 It’s a term I use all the time now too. Just to prove that my creativity does in fact come from my kids, here is a little story my daughter Emily told me this morning.

Em: “Mom? I had a bad dream last night?”
Me: “I’m sorry, Em. Did you have any–”
Em: “Actually, it was a happy bad dream. I was a skeleton.”
Me: “A happy skeleton or a scary skeleton?” [Bear in mind, context is very important when you are 5]
Em: “Actually we were a skeleton family.”
Me: “A happy skeleton family or a scary skeleton family?”
Em: “A happy skeleton family. And Athena’s family were cars and we drove in the cars and all we had to do was say ‘park!'”
Me: “So happy skeletons that ride in a car and they say park and the car stops?”
Em: “No, we say park and we go to the park! And we can’t have any tattoos.”

So you see? I get it from my kids. Yeah, yeah, ok, this made no sense whatsoever, except that it made her dream not scary anymore. Aren’t are lives so much more fun when we can talk about it in story form and make it better?


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