AW March 2010 Blog Chain | Growing up

On March 5, 2010 by Aimee

This month in the Absolute Write Blog Chain we’re talking about Growing Up.

I’m first and my fantastic followers are AuburnAssassin then the list at the bottom.

Why is it that we must grow up and do we all actually reach the stage where we are? I think not. Or rather, I think we grow up and then we realize that being grown up sucks and so we revert and then that stinks, so we grow up again. I’m pretty sure this is a recurring cycle. šŸ˜‰

Kind of like when a kid says “I want to be a ballerina” and then after dance class they say “I want to be a fireman” instead. We learn what it’s like to be something and decide to reach out and do something different.

Like me. šŸ™‚

March is my birthday month and I turn the big 3-6. Not some momentous year by any stretch of the imagination, but another year and another with a change of plans. Like three years ago when I quit my day job to be a full-time photographer and now I’m likely going to be doing that “day job” again for a while, while being a photographer.

The grass is greener? Or just my inability to grow up?

Where does writing fit into all this? Well … that’s what I picked when photography started to be a “chore”. I wrote a novel. Then another and another …

Will writing be my next attempt to not grow up? It could … especially since my characters are creations from within my mind that seems to be constantly in flux.

But, the beauty of writing is this … one project, if it last 1 week or 3 months or half a year … is a NEW story. It’s an escape from my every day to find a new something-or-other. It’s different than photographing the 10 different kids in the same set. It’s different than working for yet another company with yet another CEO that makes poor decisions.

These are different stories and they call out to be told. Each of them is different. Each of my characters is unique and *I* get to live in their lives which ultimately gives me a bit of the greener grass without make an actual change. Writing is my fantasy life for not growing up.

And that, I think, is pretty darn cool.

To writing!

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See you again in April!